Autumn Jones (Session 1)

Summit Student Conference Autumn Jones 2014 Colorado Session 1In my parents’ mind there was no question that I would be attending Summit Ministries. Both of my brothers had been former students, one of whom has been on staff for the last four summers. So a week after finishing my junior year of college, two friends and I loaded up a car and made the 13-hour trek from Arlington, Texas to Manitou Springs, Colorado. After a long day’s drive, we reached the Summit hotel. Entering the hotel, Jacob, Jeremy, and I were warmly greeted by some of the sweetest staff you will ever meet. Arriving a day early was made into a wonderful opportunity to get to know the staffers. This has by far been one of my favorite parts of being at Summit.

As lectures began I expected to hear the same things I had been taught my whole life, growing up in a Christian homeschool family. To my surprise, the information was taught in a much more entertaining way than I had ever expected. There were a wide variety of speakers brought in for our session. Each speaker made the most of each lecture, presenting the information in a lively and interactive way. This makes the hours of lectures more retainable as well as enjoyable.

These last two weeks we have heard topics not just about our faith, but also about how to apply it in the world today. The topics have a wide range covering everything from abortion, homosexuality, a variety of worldviews, marriage, family, and many more wonderful topics which prepare each of us to defend our faith in this secular world.

Aside from the great speakers, each student is placed in a small group. I have been so blessed by getting to know the five other girls in my small group, as well as our two wonderful small group leaders. These small groups are a great way for each of us to ask questions and discuss things that we heard in the lectures. This is also a great source of encouragement for us as we each have different experiences to share.

However, the whole two weeks isn’t just hours of lectures, which was definitely one of my fears in coming. Each day includes free time or a sports time. During sports time the most popular thing to participate in (and my favorite) is speed volleyball. It’s a blast! My free time has mostly been spent hanging out with the wonderful staff, but other adventures have been exploring the interesting little town of Manitou Springs, climbing Red Mountain, getting to know my roommates, white water rafting, going to Garden of the Gods, playing games with the other students, and having fun around the hotel.

This is just a small summary of my past week and a half at Summit Ministries. I’m so grateful for my time here, the multitude of things I’ve learned, and the friendships I’ve made. There is no doubt that I’ll be recommending it to friends and family.

If you’re reading this, debating whether you should come to Summit or not, do it! No question. The two weeks fly by, you will be full of knowledge, have great new friends, and sad when it is over. Come to Summit.

Staff, I love each of you and I’m so thankful for y’all.