AnnaClaire Chin – Staff

AnnaClaire shares about her Summit experience in the beginning and in the very end of her time at Summit Colorado.

Summit Student Conference AnnaClaire Chin 2016 Colorado StaffCedar Rapids, Iowa | 22 years old

It was in 2012 that I stepped out of a van with six other high school youth group students and stood in front of Bryan College, totally exhausted from the fourteen hour drive down from Iowa to Tennessee. I had no idea what to expect from Summit Ministries, all I knew was that I was going to be attending a Christian apologetics conference for the next two weeks.

Fast forward four years and now I have had the privilege to spend the majority of my summer staffing at Summit! Throughout my time in college, Summit Ministries’ mission, and the relationships that I built in 2012 have been a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness and His perfect timing. My small group leader spoke truth and walked with me through many of the life questions I had as a student. I believe she understood that it is truly God that changes things.

Summit has taught me to keep asking hard questions and to actively pursue a deeper relationship with Christ. He calls us to imitate Him and to become obedient to His will. As I continue staffing at Summit and leading a small group, I have seen how God calls the unqualified. Without Him, I have no gifts, no power, and no wisdom to boast about. It is His will and His power in which we are able to boast!