AnnaClaire Chin – Staff

AnnaClaire shares about her Summit experience in the beginning and in the very end of her time at Summit Colorado.

Student Conference AnnaClaire Chin Colorado 2016 staffCedar Rapids, IA | 22 years old

To dream well.

In my experience, there is a difference between dreaming and dreaming well. However, I did not know the difference until this summer. Towards the end of my college graduation, I envisioned staffing at Summit would be a very black and white experience, but I was proven very wrong. In the five sessions I was able to be a part of, I not only made friendships I’ve kept in contact with after Summit, I’ve been a part of a continued community that truly sets Christ at the forefront, that is truly scattered all around the United States. I saw this come to life in very practical ways this summer and how I saw real community pushing each other towards personal dreams, but more importantly the bigger picture!

It started with my three roommates.

The forty staff members I was surrounded by really understood that life went on after Summit. It was important to them that after the students left, that after we left, we made sure we didn’t run off the fumes of a past experience, instead bringing Summit back home. I came into Summit thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do right after Summit. I knew what major I had chosen in college and was confident in that decision. It wasn’t until session two that I truly began to see that the staff truly cared not only about Summit, but my life goals as well. I vividly remember a conversation I was having with a friend on the front porch and the phrase that still has not left my mind was, “AnnaClaire, I want to make sure I don’t just want to know the will of God, without “knowing” God!”

I quickly realized that it is so easy to just want to know the will of God without having that relationship with Him. How it is so easy to treat Him like a magician, or even as fire insurance? We pray, get what we want, and close the door. So the question of, what does it look like to dream well? Being involved with real Christian community allows the walls to come down, in my experience my walls came down four weeks into Summit. I began to see that there was a God who was committed to His people and to this world. I realized that He wants people passionate about medicine, politics, and the hot topics and conversations we find ourselves in. So why would I limit an all-powerful and all-knowing God to a box, to my box that I created?

I’ve expressed many of passions to my three roommates and close staff members, how I find excitement in public speaking and international relations. They continued to ask good questions, difficult ones, but ultimately reminded me that it was God that sees everything through. It is Him who gets the glory in what we accomplish on this earth and Him who blesses us throughout our continued journey of faithfulness and process of pressing onward!

As I leave Summit, I’m asking the Lord for daily, practical ways to be open to His will! Let’s continue to love others well, to let others love us well, and to give every good thing back to Him!

AnnaClaire is now working with the Customer Care team at Summit Ministries.