Andrei Sullivan (Session 7)

Student Conference Andrei Sullivan 2015 Colorado Session 7I am originally from Russia and was adopted at the age of five. One of the topics covered here at Summit was that of adoption, something I can very well relate to. I have been physically and spiritually adopted.

I am 23 years old, and I flew in from Michigan. This is my second time attending Summit in Colorado. Even though much of what I heard last year is the same this year, I desired to go with an open heart to listen and to receive what was being taught. Going to Summit is like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. There is always more to learn. And God did just that.

Summit focuses on many dimensions of a student. The conference equips me to defend my beliefs in a more loving way. But it reaches out by helping me have a better relationship with those around me – particularly a relationship outside of myself and the shiny rectangle. This rectangle can be a Mac or a phone. Coming to Summit has challenged me to deepen tangible relationships and to step outside of my own little world.

I came to Summit somewhat overwhelmed because of opportunities on the horizon that I just do not know which path to take. I don’t think God said directly to go one way or another. The biggest takeaway for me is something that John Stonestreet keeps saying, “You want a good mentor? Talk to old people.” So many people, myself included, think that we can do things by ourselves. Something I want to do as I start my senior year at university is be able to establish better accountability.

Thank you, Summit, for showing me that the Christian life is done as a community.