Andrea Utreras (Session 7)

Summit Student Conference Andrea Utreras 2014 Colorado Session 7I came to Summit from the middle of the world — Quito, Ecuador. This has been such an amazing experience for me.

Being an international student has been a great adventure! Learning about the culture, trying new food, and also taking notes switching languages is fun! People here are super loud! I have made some new friends from all over the States, Mexico and Japan. It has been a great opportunity. People are so welcoming, and they are always happy to talk with me. I have made many friends, and I am so grateful because we are all in one spirit.

The conference was incredible. The speakers are clear and wise. I am now equipped with knowledge, and I am also challenged to learn and seek the Lord more.

Now I know that escaping the culture is not, and should not, be an option, we must engage in the culture.

The challenge? We must live out what we believe and share what Christ has done in our lives.

John Stonestreet said, “It is ok to be you, because Jesus has restored you.” What a magnificent thought. Summit has been such a blessing!

I want to thank the people who supported me and all the speakers and staff. I have felt God’s love through you. Thank you!