Alyssa Chavez (Session 1)

Summit Student Conference Alyssa Chavez 2015 Colorado Session 1The Lord is omniscient; He knows in life when your valleys and peaks will emerge. It takes a relationship with God to triumph over the struggles and truly prosper in life.

For me, I decided to attend a Summit Summer Student Conference right before I encountered a semester full of moral struggles I would soon be faced with and not know how to defend my faith. I lived throughout the semester turned away from God, fearing tomorrow instead of living today.

The Lord is good though and has a plan. Unknowingly, I scheduled a flight to Colorado Springs to arrive on the wrong day. Summit took me in and welcomed me.  I was blessed with a few extra days to be in amazement of this beautiful place, develop lifelong friendships, and rediscover my faith.

Summit is a wonderful sanctuary filled with people ready to serve and spread the word of God. It is unreal how selfless the community is, how joyful the hotel is, and how beautiful the surroundings are here.

Coming here, I didn’t realize the knowledge I would gain. 60 plus hours of class time, all flooded with apologetics lessons on how to defend some of the stickiest subjects we will be faced with in life. I have become a sponge soaking in as much as I can and learning to question the world around me.

Summit is not just work though; it is going on adventures too. Taking hikes up Red Mountain, playing volleyball during sports time, and roaming the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (where I believe the happiest of all the zoo animals live) – it creates a time to have fun and engage in conversation to ripen new friendships.

Leaving here, I feel I finally have the tools to defend what I believe: that Christ is our Savior and the Bible is the Word of the Lord.  Summit reminds students that we are made in God’s image.