Stephen Leininger – Staff

Summit Student Conference Stephen Leininger 2016 CaliforniaBaltimore, Maryland | 23 years old

As a first time staffer, the most frequent questions I’ve been asked are “What did you like about Summit?” and “What made you want to come back?”

My answer for both is the community. At first, that meant the relationship between my small group and me, but as this session goes on, and now that I’ve been here for 5 days, it’s also the relationships between the other staffers and myself. I cannot think of any group of people that I’ve grown closer to more quickly. These are smart, friendly, loving, God-fearing people. Regardless of background or education, their enthusiasm, kindness, willingness to serve, and eagerness to learn more about you impresses me more than anything else.

I was a little unsure of what to expect since my only experience with Summit Student Conferences was attending the California session last Summer as a student. Instead of being a student again this year, which is what I had originally planned to do, a friend of mine convinced me to apply for staff and I got in!

Other than the staff, of course, there are the students. Getting to interact with them and learning about them over meals or on a break between lectures, has been really interesting and fun. Though it’s still early in the session, the eight guys in my small group that I have the privilege to lead have been wonderful, and better than I could have ever asked for!

In the two Summit sessions I’ve participated in, both as a student and as staff, I’ve been so incredibly blessed. For instance, I remember finding just the right flight at the right price last year. I remember having the best roommate ever (though he’s being given a run for his money by my current roommate), and this year, traveling alone, my flights didn’t have any major problems. I was able to find everyone without much trouble, and everyone here is accommodating, sometimes beyond reason, they genuinely want to help you.

Coming to Summit was the best thing I’ve ever done. Being a staffer is taking that experience to a whole new level.