Rebekah Millan

Rebekah Millan Summit California 2014I thought I was done with academics after I graduated from high school. I thought Summit was more camp rather than conference. I certainly didn’t know about the mental challenge that Summit would bring.

I love learning and academics, but even more so, I enjoy deep thought. I appreciate knowing about my country, my worldviews, other worldviews and who believes them, whether the beliefs are actually a state of mind or a religion. I appreciate knowing what kind of people and religions make up the world we all live in.

I signed up for Summit only knowing that it was a conference about worldviews, religion, philosophy, and theology. However, I did think Summit would be more games and fun stuff. I certainly wasn’t disappointed though when I learned otherwise. Automatically, I thought that maybe I wouldn’t have as much fun as originally thought. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s amazing how God works; He definitely works in the weirdest ways! Here is what I mean.

There is something called the worldview pyramid. It states that your worldview determines your beliefs, and your beliefs then determine your actions. I’ve been through some crazy stuff in my life because of others’ bad decision, and I was given the opportunity to ask Sean McDowell if someone else’s actions could change your view on something, not just your worldview. All that crazy stuff I had been through came back in a flood. It was painful to rehash all that junk; however, the Summit staff have been right beside me helping me through the painful but also helpful healing process. The wonderful staff wants me to know my value, to heal properly and enjoy my time here at Summit. I know now that the past is in the past, and I’m free and forgiven.

It’s hard to remember to be selfless and not selfish. The topic of abortion was the hardest lecture to hear. I realized that some other women went through much more painful things than I have ever been through.  I want to help these women heal and have them know God’s love. Hearing why unborn babies should get the chance to live, not hearing “because God said so” seemed to help clear me out of the fog I was in- to see that others that went through painful and horrible experiences.

What others have been through is so much more important to me. I have supportive family, friends, and leaders. I’m not alone, and some of those women are. Summit has helped me see others in their pain, not just myself. I want to help others heal as much I have all because of great love and support.

I’ve only been here a few days, and I yearn greatly to look at others with compassion, to share my faith, opinions, and worldview with love and calmness not agitation. I’m being taught how to do that. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world.