Olivia Franzen

Olivia Franzen Summit California 2014I walked into this conference referring to myself as “religiously neutral” because I was studying different religions. Summit was ideal for me as a learning tool. I didn’t want to leave a Christian, and I didn’t want to learn. Yet, when I met the people I was going to be around, they weren’t just people who loved God, but people who really wanted to learn.

Throughout my time here this past week, I learned about the proof of God’s existence, and not just the speakers’ testimony in the name of science. They gave so much more — so much that there is no logical or even feasible reason for me to NOT give my life to Christ. With the beautiful and theological conversations and fun activities, I experienced so much more than what I would expect at a typical Christian conference. You learn how to have a worldview in a Christian standpoint along with understanding other worldviews, evidence, beauty, scholarship, and fellowship.

Everyday we learn how to tackle worldly problems with the blessing and lifestyle of our Lord.

The exposure of truth is unreal.

If you have the opportunity to come to Summit, be prepared to “drink from a fire hose”!