Carlos Melgar

Lakewood, CA | 29 years old

My name is Carlos Melgar and I am 29 years old from Lakewood, CA. I was born into a Christian family and have always felt a connection with our Heavenly Father. I was brought up in a God-fearing home and I have to give that credit to my Dad for teaching me his values. I accepted the Lord when I was ten years old and was baptized at twelve. At around fifteen years old my Dad left my family (Mom and younger sister) and that is when I walked away from the Lord.

It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I went back to church but even then, there still wasn’t that fire that I had had for God as when I was a child. I spent the early part of my twenties in the world and pursuing the things I felt were best for me and that I wanted. My Dad was a businessman and so that was something I felt I was to be. I tried different business ventures but I was never completely satisfying. The more money I made, the more money I wanted.

At the end of 2013, I asked God to take over my life. I felt as if I had no purpose. I started going to church with my best friend who recently returned home from planting a church in Costa Rica. My friend was only home for a short time before God moved him to North Carolina to be a senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Fayetteville. I then asked God for a church that fears Him and teaches His word. I walked into Calvary Chapel of the Harbour in the February of 2014, where I immediately felt God’s presence. It is here where God gave me my purpose.

I heard God’s voice tell me to teach. I questioned it for months trying to figure out how to go about it. After surviving a few major car accidents, where I should have been severely injured or died, I finally realized that God has a purpose for me and a calling to ministry. I have now seen the work that God has done and is doing in me. I am excited to be used for God’s will. I thank the Almighty for my church and pastors for the opportunity they have given me the serve God!

I have recently been given the privilege to serve at my church as an intern pastor. My Senior Pastor brought Summit Student Conferences to my attention about a month ago and advised that I attend. My Pastor said that if I am able to take the time off work that it would be very beneficial for me, especially for my ministry. I have always had a hard time communicating and understanding people my age and younger because I had to grow up and mature quickly.

While being here at Summit, I’ve learned not only from the speakers, but from the students as well, that to be effective in someone’s life, I must learn to be understanding and try to figure out their point of view. In the past, I have struggled with wanting to understand someone that has different views than I do. Summit has been a perfect place for me to learn this because we are spending two weeks with people that we might not necessarily encounter in our daily life. Having a roommate has helped me realize how important it is to be willing to understand what another person’s perspective is so that we can get along.

I am extremely blessed to be a part of this conference. I have learned a lot about myself and the things I need to change to be effective in ministry. I have really enjoyed getting to know the guys in my small group and getting other perspectives on life from my brothers in Christ. I am learning to loosen up a bit. We are all at different points in our lives and in our walks with the Lord. It is important not to let our theology, beliefs, and culture keep us from reaching out to others. Just because we disagree with someone doesn’t make it right to dismiss their ideas or what they have to say. I’m learning to let go of my culture and my upbringing.

As I step into a role in ministry, I realize that my culture is now Jesus and that I must allow the Holy Spirit guide me. I can honestly say that the speakers here at Summit and interacting with the students and staff have really changed my view on how to love others. I must love others just as Christ has loved me. I’m very grateful to the Almighty for the opportunity He has given me to be here at Summit. I love you all very much and I pray that God reveals to you the purpose for Him bringing you to Summit California. May the Lord give you His peace and joy and may He shine His face upon you. God Bless!