Student Conference Cameron 2016 CaliforniaI have now attended Summit as a student for two years in a row and would love to become a leader as the next step in my Summit experience. I was fortunate enough to have been fully funded by a family member but I love it so much that I am willing to pay to get myself here next year.

Summit student conference wasn’t at all what I expected. You sit in on hours and hours of lectures from world-renowned Christian leaders, and it’s actually fun! In between you hang out with great people, play lots of games, go to the beach, have spontaneous worship sessions, read amazing books, participate in Bible studies, play volleyball and soccer, have water balloon fights, play paintball, and go rock climbing.

It was challenging and exhilarating to have deep theological, moral, and ethical conversations on everything from the reliability of the Bible, to the case against abortion, to how to understand Islam, and even how to respond to same-sex marriage. I was completely surrounded by the ideas and topics we learned about in the classroom, during free time, while eating food, and even before going to bed because the topics were so interesting and the lectures were so packed with information it felt like we could never get enough of them.

The talk I loved the most and got the most out of was “Shattering the Myths of Evolution” by Sean McDowell. In his talks, Sean walked us through four of the ways you can go about disproving the evolution that textbooks and scientists say happened. He also referred us to his book “Understanding Intelligent Design” which takes you through more ways to go about supporting the Christian point of view on evolution by disproving Darwin and other thinkers that try to tell society that macroevolution has been around for billions of years.

The relationships you build here are just incredible! Believe it or not, some of my best friends are people I met at Summit. Not only are they some of my best friends but they are friends that I’m hoping to stay connected with for life. In just two weeks I laughed with these people, I cried with these people, I made life changing decisions with these people, I had amazing ethical and theological conversations with these people, I loved these people, and ultimately I just lived life with these people. By the end they honestly felt like family and with God at the center of it all, it made it even that much sweeter.

My biggest takeaway from Summit is probably that there is so much more out there to learn regardless of how much you know. My other big takeaway from Summit was that in order to stay up to date on moral issues and to be able to accurately defend your faith in a loving, Christ-like way, you have to read a lot! If you aren’t educated on modern topics of debate and cultural issues and how they affect society, economics, government, and the world; then you won’t be able to be the light for Christ that He designed us to be.

Summit was without a doubt the best, most fun, life-changing, two weeks of my entire life. I don’t regret it in any way and am very hopeful to stay connected with Summit throughout my life because that’s how much of an impact it had on me and my life!