Abby Kilman

by: Abby Kilman, Missouri

Session One of Summit 2019 was no doubt a whirlwind of crazy moments. Snow in May. Sinus infections and pink eye were running rampant.

Sitting on top of the bus, staring at one of God’s most beautiful creations, the stars, and galaxies above us. Running out of ink of my favorite pen halfway through one of the fastest lectures. 70 pages of notes, around 55 lectures. So many statistics, and yet God’s love was still outstandingly apparent. As Summit came to an end, I had the strongest feelings of homesickness, not for my home in Missouri, but for my eternal home. All of the people I had met and made such close relationships, heaven might be the next time I see many of them, and that gives me hope.

Before going to Summit, my life was full of unanswered, un-thought of questions. After Summit, my life is still full of questions, but I feel more confident now than I ever have. Of course, one month ago, if you had told me that I was going to sit in on 60+ hours of lectures within two weeks, I would have told you that you were crazy. It was as Dr. Myers, and many other speakers put it, “like drinking out of a fire-hose.” Every night I would go to bed with my head racing full of information and more questions.

By the end of the two weeks, I felt like a genius.

It was not until I got home that I realized just about how much I was not a genius. I had a notebook full of notes, doodles, opinions, facts, and I still felt overwhelmed at first. How do I tell everyone everything that I just learned in the past two weeks?

One conversation at a time.
One little quote at a time.
One book recommendation at a time.

It is definitely crazy to think that I learned so much in just two weeks, but now I have to keep on learning how to share with others this new-found lifetime supply of knowledge.

The one thing that really stood out to me at Summit was how loving everyone was. No matter how their day was going, everyone had a sense of kindness and love consistently within them. My small group was always accepting my most active type of “smart,” word. My small group leader would listen to my life story and become a real blessing as I found out that we would be attending the same college next year. My classmates would always accept my puns, jokes, and would let me draw “tattoos” on their arms. Summit was one of the few places in the world where I felt truly loved and truly blessed.

So a small thank-you note to Summit:

Summit, thank you so much for the love you showed and the knowledge that you gave. You reminded me of how much God really loves and cares for me through your actions. I will never forget this experience, and I cannot wait to see all of the lives that you will change.

Through God’s Love,

Abigail Kilman