A Case For Life

We are honored to be partnered together with Save the Storks to offer students a more holistic and creative expression of pro-life issues.

We invite you to join us for special lectures with Scott Klusendorf president of the Life Training Institute about life and meet a Storks. Register by clicking the buttons below.

Tennessee Conference: Union University

8:30-9:30 The Case for Life with Scott Klusendorf

10:00-11:00 The Case Against Relativism with Scott Klusendorf

8:30-9:30 The Case for Life with Scott Klusendorf

10:00-11:00 The Case Against Relativism with Scott Klusendorf

Pennsylvania Conference: LBC

1:00-2:00 Bioethics: Getting The Big Picture Right with Megan Almon

Truth plus relationship. This combination is the foundation for lasting change that inspires continual growth. Summit Ministries draws some of the best Christian thinkers in our country together in order to equip students with the tools they need to live well and love others well. Summit speakers offer students vital tools needed to defend their Christian worldview in an increasingly anti-Christian world. Students learn how to engage in conversations about religion, politics, philosophy, gender, pro-life, and many other culturally critical topics. We want our students to love people who may disagree with them while lovingly expressing the standard of objective truth.

Summit Alumni leave with over sixty hours of quality lectures, but even more importantly, they leave with friendships that last forever. Many alumni are current culture shapers in our world, and we want to see more students equipped and inspired to do the same. Students are encouraged to find where their passion and the world’s brokenness meet and do something in that space to bring God’s hope, truth, and love into it.

Joe Baker graduated from Summit in 2002. On a mission trip in 2010, he saw a need for Mobile Medical buses to offer women free ultrasounds right in front of the doors of abortion clinics. With that idea, he founded Save the Storks. The mission of Save the Storks is to revolutionize the meaning of pro-life through love, compassion, and action. Storks helps local Pregnancy Resource Centers launch Mobile Ministries all across the nation. Today there are 48 buses reaching women who are abortion-vulnerable. Rather than waiting for an abortion-minded woman to come to them, pregnancy centers are able to go to her and offer free services, support, counseling, and the knowledge that she is not alone.

Save the Storks and Summit Ministries have been linked since the beginning. Many of Stork staffers are Summit Alumni who have been influenced by the power of truth and relationship. On a Stork bus, a woman receives that beautiful combination as well, she learns about the truth of the life within and is surrounded by people who love and support her. The relational component to Save the Storks’ ministry is what gives it such success. Four out of five women who board a Stork Bus choose life.

We also wanted to share a little about how Save the Storks and Summit have impacted one another. Check out these testimonials from Save the Storks and Summit staff, here!