Work Crews

Ditch Digging

To some, this might seem like an awful thing to put your body through, but to me, it’s the perfect place to use my favorite tool, the pickaxe. Even though I do indeed get tired by ditch-digging, the purpose behind it is quite beneficial. Apart from the primary intention behind the job such as channeling water, ditch digging, especially in a team is a great place for people to exercise and learn how to properly use a shovel or pick. Doing jobs together creates a great opportunity for team building.

Thistle Pulling

In this job, I truly felt the effect of the fall. Thistles are part of the curse, yet it was so satisfying to see the work done after, in the journey of thistle pulling, I started alone, yet in the end, all of the work crew came together to help and it was beautiful to contemplate and share a job well done.

Kitchen Duty

When kitchen duty was assigned to me I felt a little strange because cooking is not in my strengths. Though this fact is still true today it was an amazing work crew and some tasty food came out of it. Personally, cleaning the kitchen is very entertaining, but cooking is pretty stressful. I was challenged to think about how God does amazing work in all contexts. So, I could actually have an enjoyable time making burgers as I listened to Ryan’s (our chef) advice. I’m very thankful for his patience. Again, I see the importance of a team, as did God as Trinity in the beautiful work of creation.

Staining Stairs

I’d never stained anything before; it was a fun experience to do so. The opportunity to serve in the preservation of structures that so many people use and others worked to create, was very strange at the moment, but in retrospection, it’s a very beautiful thing to do. It makes me remember Jesus’ ministry and how we are to serve to trust in his work here on earth and preserving what he built.

Indoor Crew

The feeling I had for kitchen duty was similar when I was assigned to the indoor crew. At the moment, I wished that I was chopping wood or building a table, but, like staining, there’s a beauty in the preservation of the space we’re living in our day-to-day. I was particularly thorough in cleaning the vacuum cleaners because it would serve the crew who would be on indoor next time so that they could have efficiency in their work.

Timber Removal

I was specifically chosen for this task and that felt really nice. Being entrusted with this job made me very happy and I felt how God calls us to use our talents for his glory, but in this case, to use my strength for the improvement of the property. In hard work like this, there are those who will dread it and those who anticipate it, God has chosen us and gifted us in different ways, and in this work crew, even though I hit myself on the ankle with a pry bar and was exhausted afterward, I felt at home.

Wood Organizing and Fence Fixing

Working without the evidence of that work being seen can be frustrating. It reminds me of John the Baptist’s mission in life, to prepare the way for the coming Messiah, which didn’t make him any less important in God’s plan. It was a parallel as I fixed the fence in the back of the leech pond. I didn’t get to finish it, which was quite frustrating, yet it challenged me in patience and humility.

This was one of the most satisfying work crews I’ve been on. We successfully sectioned the tree that fell on the fence, we for all the existing fence posts into the ground, and fixed the fence the tree was on. To be very honest, the work crew was exhausting for my body but refreshing for my soul.

Fencing and Barbed wire

This day was a continuation of the last work crew—same team, same job. There were new fences to be put down and indeed, we got them all in again. Working with fences can be dangerous. The pry bar incident on my ankle happened with the ramming device again (they’re pretty heavy, but I’m alright). As for the stringing of the fence, God was so good that neither I nor my partner got a single scrape from the barbed wire. Even though the job wasn’t finished yet, it was great to learn a new thing and I thank God for his protection and strength he continues to give.

By Eduardo Santos: Eduardo is a coffee-loving, guitar playing, conversation loving Puerto Rican who has a passion to know the Lord and share him with those around him.