Work Crews Blog

Work crews were something I looked forward to before I came to Summit Semester, simply because I enjoy physical labor and the feeling it gives me. Thus far, I’ve only been on two of the three stations, and I have enjoyed this one most. 

Every Wednesday and Friday we meet after lunch for a short lesson, and then we break off into our crews. The lessons that we’ve had prior to working have been a good learning experience for me. We’ve been reminded that all work, enjoyed or not, should be worship to God. I worked a job I didn’t love this summer, and this particular lesson has taught me that going forward, I need to remember that I should be glorifying God with my work, rather than dreading my work. I had to keep this in mind most when I was on the indoor crew at the beginning of the semester because tedious work like that is harder for me to do and stay focused on.

On another work crew, I’ve been splitting logs. Splitting logs for firewood is one of my favorite things to do. It is good for your body, it feels good doing it, and it’s obviously productive. I’ve been all over the place since being on this work crew. I started by splitting wood and keeping an eye on everyone outside to give some help to the staff. I’ve helped make planks for new bunk beds, as well as a couple of miscellaneous projects. One thing that has stuck out to me in the lessons since being on this crew is pride and idols. I realized that my work at home and prior to Summit, which involved music in school as well as at home, was a prideful thing. I prided myself too much in my work, and I was no longer using my talents to glorify God. I realized that my reputation had become my idol: I wasn’t worshiping God as much as I was my reputation.

As good as work crews have been and as much as I enjoy my team, the lessons have been equally as important to me. I’ve learned a lot in the classroom sessions before working that I can definitely take home with me.

 Lyman Heras is 20 years old, and he is from Elsberry, Missouri. After attending Summit Semester, he plans to continue working towards his degree in music education. Lyman enjoys rock climbing, being in nature, and hanging out with his friends. He is looking forward to the relationships he will build during his time at Summit Semester.