Work and Dance

Semester Jordan WaltersFirst, I want to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to attend Summit Semester. And I would like to thank the academy … and all the little people…

Ok, in all seriousness, I hope I speak on behalf of every student here at Semester in saying that I’m having a blast and learning so much!! Each speaker brings new topics and opinions that sometimes contradicts the last, requiring you to think critically and defend what you’ve come to believe as truth, or to think in a whole new way about a topic with which you thought you were familiar. So cool! We are also learning life skills, which hide behind the term “Work Crew.” Twice a week all the students gather to discuss why work is important. After that, it’s assignment time. Each work crew day you are put on one of the following: babysitting, outdoor work crew, indoor work crew, or kitchen. Babysitting, as you would assume, consists of watching children — more specifically Dustin and Ruthann’s three beautiful children. Outdoor work crew can be anything from pulling thistles (which we did when it was warmer), digging ditches, painting, sanding, and staining, which are extremely beneficial skills to learn. Indoor work crew requires the cleaning of the classroom, dining room, and some other stuff (I always clean the bathrooms so I have no clue what everyone else does). Kitchen is interesting. We either bleach it or organize and clean it on a smaller scale. It all depends on what Steven (the cook) needs done that day. But then we get to help make and sometimes decide what dinner will be. Overall, everything we do has a purpose, one of which is to provide us with the knowledge of how to do these things; the other is for us to understand the value of work.

It is not all work though. We go hiking, play volleyball, take trips to Durango, and we’ve actually been dancing. We have had so many dances to learn. Not to mention when the alumni came and taught us more dances. But it’s been a blast learning and teaching line dances, waltz, swing, and Virginia Reel type stuff. And even though some of the students here are reluctant to dance, we’ve still got a little while to win them over. And we’ll get them…

The students here are amazing, as well as all the staff. I’m so blessed to call them my friends and to be able to share this amazingly incredible experience with them! I have shared so many experienced with these fantastic people, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to leave them in a few weeks. The thought seems unthinkable, and unbearable, but I’m going to take it one day at a time and savor every moment I have left with these guys (between my school work of course).

The mountains that we wake up to every morning never cease to amaze me and remind me how truly blessed I am to be here.

Jordan Walters makes her way up to Colorado from the Georgia southland. She has a number of interests and hobbies, including song writing, basketball, volleyball, and traveling. While Jordan enjoys many things, she believes that her career is supposed to involve either music or travel. With this in mind, she is planning on majoring in Communications when she attends college. One of the ways that Jordan hopes to impact the group at Summit Semester is to encourage and challenge others to focus on building each other up in Christ. Jordan hopes to build friendships at Summit Semester that will challenge her walk with the Lord beyond this season.