Where to Now?

Summit Semester Dillon LoweryIn one part of The Pilgrim’s Progress, Christian takes a time of rest at the Porter’s House. He was on a long, hard journey and rest was badly needed. At the Porter’s house, he has great conversations with the Porter and his daughters, Discretion, Prudence, Piety, and Charity. He is then given the Armor of God. The Porter’s House is the perfect representation of Summit. It is here that we can prepare for the battle ahead. We can put on the Armor of God. We experience peace, the love of our fellow Christians, and a hope for the road ahead. This great community is where we eat together, go to class together, read the same books together, discuss life, death, philosophy, theology, philology, music, our own stories, indie band names, and the Bible, together. It makes you grow. You experience God’s glory in almost everything here. It’s in the sunrise and the trees. Its in class and in the discussions over a meal. Its in a long hike, or a camping trip. Its in dish pit and work crews. This is where God prepares you and makes himself known to you.

So… now we are at the mountain top. What will we do when we go back into the valley of life? We have been told that we shouldn’t leave with dreams to change the world, we should leave with plans to change the world. But how can we do this? I don’t pretend to know the answer (if I’ve learned one thing here its that I cannot pretend to know an answer). In fact, I am directly in that post-high school, pre-college decision making part of my life, so I am probably more confused than most. If any of you figure out how we should change the world, give me a call. We have been challenged with this question a couple of times. The question really stuck with me because I had no idea how to answer it. There were some ideas floating around after Dr. Bauman asked us what our plans were. Some people said that they wanted to start a reading discussion group in their church when they got home. I think this is a good idea, and I plan on doing it myself. After asking a bunch of people what their plans to change the world were, I came up with about what I had before…we don’t really know. Most of us are going off, or back to college next. I think that this is a good start to changing the world. The opportunity for thought and reflection and life experience both provide tools for changing the world. More importantly, for many of us, college is the next step on the journey. And in the grand scheme of things, the next step is the most important step.

With this perspective, though “changing the world” sounds rather grandiose, it need not be that way in practice. For many of us, changing the world could consist of starting a reading discussion group. We each have our sphere of influence, and God wants us to do what we can to positively affect this sphere and to make it larger. I know that we all have many loved ones, especially parents, praying for us. Plus, ya know, there’s God helping us too…So, I guess that if I could say one thing to my Summit Semester friends on this topic, it would be this. You can change the world. If you follow God’s will, you will change the world. So stay in constant fellowship with Him, and keep your heart open to what He tells you to do…He will help you accomplish it. After all, He is God.

Dillon Lowery holds the distinction of being the first Summit Semester student from Maine. Currently considering the University of Maine, Dillon is looking to major in Electrical Engineering. The technology facets of engineering are of particular interest as a future career. While here at Summit Semester, Dillon looks forward to deepening his relationship with God, developing good relationships with his fellow students, and coming away with a better ability to explain and defend his beliefs. When Dillon has discretionary time, you’ll probably find him making music or getting out and enjoying the outdoors.