Welcome to the Colosseum: Guys’ Appreciation Night

Summit Semester Jacob Wiertsema 2016I don’t want to believe that we only have a little less than three weeks left here at the Snow Wolf Lodge, but that’s what it has come to. I don’t think there is a better community available. From the first day, I’ve been surrounded by nothing but positivity and encouragement.

This past Monday, the girls threw a Guys’ Appreciation Day, which was an incredible rollercoaster of emotions. The day started off as a normal day, but us guys knew something was up. After lunch, we were told that we had a “meeting” at 3:00pm in the classroom. It was also announced that we guys weren’t allowed to go in the upper region of the lodge until they said we could. The fellas hung out in our rooms and game room until it was time to go to our “meeting.”

We were hanging out in front of the classroom at around 3:00pm when suddenly the doors were opened and we were ushered into the classroom by the girls. They were dressed up in togas as if they were from ancient Rome. As we walked through the entry way, we could see the classroom decorated to look like the Colosseum. There were white sheets hanging from the upper balcony as well as a sign that read: “Welcome to the Colosseum.“ As soon as we had all entered the classroom, they divided everyone (including the other girls) into two teams. The two teams competed for a few hours in a variety of games. The games we played were: sitting basketball, gladiator battle, chariot races, and capture the torch. Games were over around 5:00pm, and we were then given an hour before supper to shower and change. They said we weren’t allowed to leave the lower level of the Main Lodge. After about an hour, we were given the “ok” and started walking up the stairs to the dining room. When we arrived at the top of the stairs, we saw the dining room’s tables lined up with white table clothes over them. Our seats were alternated guy-girl-guy-girl. For dinner we had steak, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet tea, and chocolate cake or strawberry shortcake for dessert. Overall, it was the best meal I’ve had here. At the end of the meal, each girl took a turn standing in front of everyone and presented one of the guys with a plaque. The plaque was a rectangular block of wood with a leather patch and an elk antler attached to the front. The leather patch had our name branded into it. They also had a word that described us burned into the antler. It is high quality and quite meaningful. After they had gone through and presented each guy with a plaque, the girls announced it was time for the guys to go back to the classroom at 7:30pm. When it was time, we headed into the classroom. The girls had set up the couches, laid down spare mattresses, set out a snack bar, and set up the projector. They told us that we would be watching the movie “Gladiator.” What was awesome was that us guys had been talking earlier about how awesome it would be if we were going to watch Gladiator some time that day. Half way through the movie, the girls announced that we were going to have an intermission and that they’re going to bring us chocolate-covered bacon. It was delicious.

Soon after the movie was over, one of the girls gave a heartwarming speech and announced that they had paper bags full of letters that they had written for each of us. From that moment onward, it was swirl of emotion, tears, and hugs. Eventually we all found ourselves back at the Main Lodge hanging out in the game room. We stayed there for a while and eventually called it a night. The guys in my room ended the night reading the notes we were given and sharing good memories we had with the incredible women here at Summit Semester.

Jacob Wiertsema joins us from Rochester, Minnesota. Jacob is interested in answering the big questions relating to deep biblical and political issues. He enjoys learning in the setting of good conversation and community living. In his spare time, Jacob can often be found hanging out with friends, listening to music, or working on and learning about cars. At Snow Wolf Lodge, he hopes to become better read in the areas of humanities, and biblical and political knowledge. With the intention of becoming an entrepreneur, he hopes to attend Rochester Community and Technical College after Summit Semester.