The Blog Post of All Blog Posts

Summit Semester Jensen VincaA 5K obstacle course, a photo scavenger hunt, pumpkin carving, gun shooting, and a costume party – it was a long day. Farvest Hall was everything I expected and more, but at the end of the day all I wanted to do was jump into my bed and have a good night’s rest. When the time came for me to finally get my much desired shut eye, I got ready for bed and jumped into my bunk. I was expecting to fall onto a nice soft mattress, but instead my back met with a solid lumpy object. For a second, I lay there paralyzed. Whether I was paralyzed from breaking my spine or paralyzed from mere shock and confusion, I did not know. After rolling over to my side, I realized it was just from shock and confusion. But the question that came next was, what was I lying on? I quickly got out of my bed, turned on my phone’s flashlight, and looked at what was under my sheets. What I found wasn’t just a single large object but a bunch of smaller objects. What I just jumped on was a pile of stones, each the size of a baseball. Stones…in my bed. If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I hate it when people mess with my bed. My bed is my sanctuary. And at that time of the night, when I was totally exhausted from running a 5K and in no mood for jokes, finding stones in my bed was not something I was going to laugh off and forget. The first thought that crossed my mind was, Somebody is going to die for this (don’t worry, I wasn’t really going to kill someone). But at that late hour I wasn’t going to play Sherlock and find the person who dared defile my sanctuary – I was tired. So I pushed the stones off my bed and went to sleep, deciding to deal with the problem the next day.

The next morning I woke up and stepped out of my bed only to meet yet again the pile of stones, now scattered on the floor. I then remembered the night before and the oath I took to find the person who thought it funny to prank me. I went up to breakfast ready to find the perpetrator, but after asking around I shortly realized that I wasn’t the only victim. Apparently, each guy in the room across from me was also pranked. Their prank was a little different, though. Rather than finding stones in their beds, they found raw, semi-frozen, rotten eggs in their pillows. Well, it looked like I was blessed with my pile of stones, because eggs would’ve been much worse. Luckily for them, one of the guys found the egg in his bed before crushing it and saved his roommates from what could have been an unfortunate mess. A note was also found that morning, which read, “I hope you like your eggs raw. That’s what you get for stoning my buddy’s bed.” Things were getting personal. So, I, along with a couple other guys, formed a team to find the criminal together. We made a list of possible suspects and went to work trying to get the truth out of one of them. After much investigation and interrogation, we found no convincing evidence. Frustrated, we took to the last resort and went around with a Bible, forcing people to answer if they did or did not do the prank. No luck. One of the guys then jokingly suggested that we ask Tony, the assistant property manager. Tony was a fairly reserved person that showed no hints towards being a prankster; he was the last person I would have suspected. It wouldn’t hurt to ask, I thought, so together we approached Tony with the KJV Bible ready to ask him a few questions. The conversation went roughly along these lines:

“Tony, can you put your right hand on this Bible?”
“Umm, ok”
“Do you know anything about the prank that happened last night?”
“Yeah, I know a lot about it. I heard people talking about it today.”
“Ok, well did you do any pranking?”
“I’ve done some pranking in the past.”
“But did you participate in the prank last night?”

Silence. He didn’t say anything. He just stared at us blankly and slowly began to smirk. I was shocked. We were shocked. I pulled the Bible away and in dismay said, “No, not Tony. Tony of all people?” We couldn’t believe it; we didn’t want to believe it; we needed to know for sure. I quickly brought the Bible back to his hand and asked, “Tony, did you put stones and eggs in our beds last night?” After a short pause, Tony admitted to the crime. We had successfully found our prankster.

That prank was one of the many highlights of my time here at Summit Semester. Over the period of three months, the people here have become my family. We have had many ups and downs, but like a family we have overcome our skirmishes and grown together. Pranks such as the one described are proof of how close we’ve become. We can lightly joke around with each other and yet carry on deep conversations that last long into the night (sometimes too long into the night). From the many trips around Colorado to the grilling of Dr. Bauman in class, everything I’ve experienced here has changed me for the better. I don’t think I’ve ever changed so much in so short a time, and I don’t think I will ever change so drastically ever again. My faith and knowledge have grown immensely since the first days here at Semester, and I have made some genuine life-long friends. I will miss my time here, but I am excited for the future ahead for each of us. As Dr. Suess says, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Jensen Vinca traveled from Hawaii to be a part of Summit Semester. As his college studies move forward, Jensen is considering attending Chapman University, where he will being his film studies. Jensen’s goal is to work in the film industry, bringing his worldview to bear on high quality films. While at Summit Semester, Jensen is looking forward to the opportunity to think deeply about Christian doctrines, growing in his ability to defend his ideas, and continue to clarify his life purpose. In his free time, Jensen enjoys capturing the world around him, both via moving and still photography, hiking, making music, and spending time with good friends.