Telluride and Ouray

To sleep under the stars, surrounded by trees, and some beautiful music from our tree neighbors was an extraordinary experience.

Lying on my hammock, the night sky sprinkled with stars was framed by the silhouette of the trees. That night the moon shined as bright as I had ever seen it, and even though it illuminated everything I was able to fall asleep looking up at the sky and the trees. It was like something out of the movies.

The next day we went on a hike at Bridal Veil Falls.

The view was spectacular at almost any moment. It was amazing to see not only the colors of the individual trees but also the whole scenery coming together to form a beautiful painting. The sight was almost too beautiful to be real, and yet, there it was right before my eyes. There, I was along with the good company, and an interesting conversation taking in the wonder of God’s creation. At the waterfall, I could see why it was called Bride’s Veil Fall. The wind blew the water and created a mist that looked like a veil. Although it wasn’t a roaring waterfall, there was beauty in its delicacy. It was like catching a glimpse of an object that is only there for a few minutes while it slowly fades into its surroundings. Just sublime!

That same afternoon we explored Telluride and Ouray; two towns surrounded by mountains, and amazing views.

We didn’t spend much time strolling through the towns; therefore, I would like to go back and see more. Even though the time was limited I was able to enjoy my time at both locations. Telluride definitely had some good coffee, and Ouray had some hilarious stickers. Each town had its own charm, and to compare them would be a disservice. Like I mentioned before, it would be great to visit both places again.

By Natalia Hernandez Acosta: Natalia Hernandez is an Industrial Design major at the School of Art and Design in Puerto Rico. She came to Summit looking to deepen her relationship with the Lord. During her spare time, she likes to read, draw, and watch good films. Natalia is looking forward to exploring Colorado during her stay in Summit.