Summit Church experience

Church gatherings have been a highlight of my semester experience.

Due to Covid-19, we were unable to attend a church gathering at a local congregation; instead, we did our own weekly church service. During the beginning of Semester, we were able to worship in the outdoor classroom. It was such an amazing experience to be able to worship and hear God’s Word while being surrounded by His creation and sing songs of praise with the chatter of squirrels in the trees.

Worship was a large part of what made each Sunday special. We had a student worship team, which I loved being a part of. Student-led worship was another way our community came together and refocused our attention collectively on God. Being on the worship team was such an amazing experience to be able to help lead the congregation in songs of admiration and play our music as an act of service to God and one another.

Along with worship bringing our community together, we were able to take communion each week as a body of believers. I loved getting the opportunity to all come to the Lord’s table while reminded of God’s great mercy and the gift of salvation.

Sundays were a day to look forward to with Shabbat breakfast, church service, and time to go into town and catch up with people back home. As we depart, I think we will all remember the unity we experienced as the body of Christ during this semester. We knew we were a tight community throughout our week, but being able to enforce that through worship and professing God’s truth together was another way we grew as a body of disciples.

My favorite liturgy we did each week was ending the church service in “Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ” followed by a crescendo of three shouts of ‘Allelujiah!’ It was a way of proclaiming that with Christ, there is victory, and we have abundant reason to praise His holy name!

By Lauren Walder: Lauren Walder is 18 years old from the Chicagoland area. She can’t wait to spend Semester building Christ-centered community. She enjoys outdoor activities and is so excited to be in the mountains of Colorado. Lauren loves rainstorms, star gazing, and her dogs. Throughout High School, she danced at a local academy and hopes to continue by minoring in dance. Lauren is so excited to learn from the professors and staff at Summit and delve into what God has in store for these next three months!