Something Interesting

Probably the most interesting aspect of Summit Semester that I noticed is the community. 35 students are literally plucked from their everyday lives and hurled into life with each other. Throughout the course of three months, these 35 people, who are strangers to each other, are transformed into family. Not only are relationships with the students amazing, but each staff member is an incredible role model, mentor, and friend.

As a family here at Summit Semester, we went through everything together, both happy and sad. In a given day at Semester, you could be anywhere from cheering each other on during a 5k, dancing on top of a 14’er, conquering the fear of heights while repelling into a canyon, or celebrating a new brother in Christ; to crying with each other over lost loved ones at home, pain from the past, and the horrors of the world.

In class, we wrestled controversial topics. On adventures, we conquered mountains. During meals, we laughed and told stories. Individually, we fostered deeper relationships with God. We did all these things together, and together, we grew into a family. Personally, I can see that my faith in Christ was strengthened and matured in ways that would not have been possible at home. I’ll always look back at Summit Semester as an incredible life-changing experience that allowed me to grow closer to God, and make amazing, lifelong friendships.

By Jack Limburg, Jack is a man after God’s own heart. He was born into a Christian, homeschool family in Ohio in 2002. Jack accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior in 2006. At the age of seven, Jack began expressing interest in serving God through ministry. His passion for ministry only increased when his family adopted his littlest sister from China. The adoption process opened his eyes to the brokenness in foreign countries which gave him a special interest in missionary work.

On Jack’s twelfth birthday, the Limburg family left Ohio and moved to a quaint mountain town in Colorado. Two years later, disaster hit the Limburg family and Jack became the only man in the household. It wasn’t until three years later that the Limburg family was restored. During this trying time, it became Jack’s responsibility to carry the family through. He often found himself alone in the mountains, crying out to God.

Fast forward a few years and the Limburg family is now closer than ever, and Jack is pursuing his dreams of serving God through ministry. Jack has grown to love the outdoors and can’t turn down an adventure.