Solitude Time: A Poem

By Kayleen Ramsey (California)


With arms full of a blanket and bag full of books

I trudge through the grass and stones, a chattering squirrel my only companion,

Into the trees and downward slowly finally resting in the woodland valley

where all the gold has pooled.


Thank you Lord for making Autumn


Solitude time. Ah. To find a space in the peace of the forest

To clear one’s mind as the leaves slowly, sway, down.

To spill out the many moving boxes unopened

Packed with ideas and questions unfinished

And to wonder where all my thoughts will go


Thank you, Lord, for this day


First order of business the Nags. Or as most commonly known, worries.

You could be studying. No one would see you. It’s just too much. You will never be enou-


 Peace I leave you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid


Oh Time, I have so little of you

yet some of you I have been given

Too easy is it here to spill you carelessly

Speaking of which, if I remember rightly

there was that one princess who slept for a hundred years

Sleep, yes, that golden draught, too little

Oh, too little of you have I drunk

You wish to fall upon me like the blanket

Which sits softly upon my knees


Lord thank you for loving me even in my laziness


A chilling breeze makes me shudder

And causes me to look outwards

Creation, oh what a marvelous thing

The shivering slender aspen

The rushing rasping wings of a bird passing over me


Oh Lord if this is but a broken glimpse of what you are

How glorious must your presence be


Present and future flow together,

A fluctuation of thought and dream

Screaming questions inaudibly, yet

Silence without creates silence within

Alone from every person, far from what they are feeling

But He feels them each and every one’s boiling rippling emotions

He feels their hearts tearing, in half it seems, shattering, melting


How careless am I oh God, but you, you hold each child’s heart

I ask that you give them your peace, that you would hold our quavering cores steady.


How to have joy in the rain, that is the question.

Speaking of which, it looks like it will sprinkle quite soon.

How much this land needs it. How much joy we need

For our trembling lips, for the tears upon our faces.


Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again rejoice!


The leaves above me rustle in the wind

I notice that my toes have become cold in my shoes.

In noticing my toes I see beyond them

To the smidge of green moss on the log

Live, stretching heavenward with tiny arms


Lord you have brought me to life, help me to live it for your glory


So many people to love, so many things to do,

My thoughts go racing from past to future to present

As sunlight warms the ground and air

And a breath of wind caresses my hair

My alarm goes off.

Responsibility returns from the long walk it has taken.

And I, in the flurry of picking up books and blanket,

In slowly rising with pain, and beginning to pick a path,

With thoughts of lunch in mind

Take one last long look, and resolve

To come here once again.