Rhythms of Semester: Small Group

During this semester as we spend a lot of time taking in so much intellectually, it’s always refreshing when we gather around some candles for small groups.

This is precious time twice a week when we get to unpack all that is on our minds and hearts. We process together, cry together, pray together, worship together, laugh together (a lot), celebrate together, have fun together; do life together.

Our leader, Katie McTavish, is one of the most amazing people I have ever met! She leads us so incredibly well. I love that she listens, she’s not afraid of silence or emotion, she is full of compassion, kindness, and encouragement, and she’s very sensitive and aware of the Holy Spirit and gives Him room to do what He wants without caring about her own agenda.

Small-Group is a place to give space for God to work on the most vulnerable parts of our being; a place where we get to worship Him with our hearts as we lean on Him and each other.

Small Groups are a safe place to be real. A place to be seen, known, and loved, and a place to see, know and love the sisters around us. We practice vulnerability and fight for each other’s freedom and growth. Our sojourning sisters help us identify the lies we believe, and shower us in affirmations of truth, beauty, and goodness. For we are His beloved; a beautiful identity we often need reminding of.

By Hannah Bastian: Hannah Bastian is a 23-year-old from Buffalo, NY. She spent the last several years working at her church as the small groups and events admin, being an intern, then the RA and leading worship. She highly values raising up the next generation well and has enjoyed being a nanny for the last 10 years as well as a preschool teacher over the last couple of years. She loves adventures, traveling and capturing pictures along the way, allowing the world to be her classroom. Her love for children, especially babies, as well as her gift to nurture and care for others in need, has led her to pursue certification as a birth and postpartum doula. She loves to worship with her voice, piano and guitar and is excited to learn how to worship in even more ways at Summit. Her greatest passion is knowing & living in truth and freedom as we steward the journey we’ve been given of discovering who God is and who we are and that’s what she looks forward to pursuing the most through Summit Semester.