Politics in Christianity

This week our speaker was the President of Summit, Dr. Jeff Meyers. Earlier in Semester, there had been talk that he would not be able to attend. It was an absolute blessing from God that he was able to make it out to us!

This time with Dr. Meyers was so enriching and encouraging. I have dual citizenship, Dutch and American. During his lectures, he talked about the Dutch Reformation and how formative Abraham Kuyper was in the sociology of the Christian Worldview. The idea he came up with is called Spherical Sovereignty; this is the belief that God ordained these social groups that society functions best when each of these groups properly manages their own responsibilities. These spheres are generally itemized as Government, Church, and Family. If the Government is governing well and properly managing their responsibilities we will have laws that encourage a society that functions well.

When the Church is properly managing its responsibilities as guiding people in their faith and explaining to them how they should be living then we can have a good society. And with the Family being involved and properly managing the responsibilities God has called them to we can have a society that can function in a proper balance of these three spheres.

Once any of these is taking too much power than the other two have a harder time functioning properly. A huge example of this in our society right now is the power the government is taking over the church. We are seeing a lot of churches rebelling against the laws the local and state governments have been creating surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. California, Florida, and many other states are great examples of the government having too much power and taking the responsibilities of the church and even the family away from this. This type of imbalance with the government is causing so much unnecessary tension in our society with our churches and how they are responding to this.

This was an incredible week of reflection!

The new knowledge of my history was beautiful and encouraging. The more recent reflection is not as beautiful as our country is starting to divide more aggressively. I am encouraged to go home and take my knowledge to invoke thought and discussions in my social groups. The best way to make a difference is to start with who you know.

By Elisabeth van der Knoop: Elisabeth, Eli for short, has attended several Summit programs before. Unsure if Semester was the next chapter in her life, God made it clear that He wanted Eli here. She was raised in a Christian home and is constantly pursuing truth and growth. Eli is most excited to see how God uses Semester for her future!