Ouray: The Switzerland of America

Semester Dannah EckhardtI’ve never been to Switzerland but if Ouray is actually anything like Switzerland, I would love to go. We started our trip to Ouray in the morning. First, we drove to Durango to get some coffee. We happened to be there during their Cowboy Festival. As we were driving down the streets to find a parking place, we saw a variety of horses, dogs, and carriages as well as many different cowboy attires. Walking around the main street of downtown Durango was very pleasant, even though there were a lot of people there for the festival. The buildings mostly seemed historic but with a modern feel. It reminded me of Boulder, Colorado except not as hippie and prettier. We tried coffee shops that weren’t the usual Starbucks. Interestingly, every coffee shop had a line out the door except Starbucks. This made the town seem even more unique. After everyone grabbed some caffeine and looked around, we got back into the vans and continued on our journey.

The scenery was breathtaking as we kept driving. The first time we had a good view, everyone all at once said a combination of, “Wow! Omygoodness! Incredible! Beautiful!” I didn’t take very many pictures because it was too much to take in. The aspen trees were yellow, orange, and red and tucked in the green of the mountains. As we started to drive down from the mountain, we saw the adorable town of Ouray. The town of Ouray is a historic town packed with interesting little shops. The skies were crystal blue with a couple of fluffy, white clouds. The town itself was tucked in the mountains so much that every direction there were mountains.

We immediately got out of the vans and everyone started figuring out where to eat. Most wanted to go eat at the famous burger joint where people sign their names on the walls and Summit had a history there. The burgers and fries were fantastic. Afterwards, Jordan and I went to a coffee shop to find an outlet so we could charge our phones. We then walked around, went into some shops, and took pictures. It was then time to go so we got back into the vans and left. On the way back, we also stopped for a photo op but everyone was too tired to really want to take photos. The way back seemed a lot longer than the way there. Everyone started to either fall asleep or tell stories in my van. However, after two stories everyone was done and fell asleep. We got back and people with decided to read or start on essays for finals but most people slept. It was a very good day. Until next time, Ouray.

Dannah Eckhardt is a recent high school graduate from Two Roads Charter School in Arvada, Colorado. She loves using the power of film and cinematography to tell stories and convey ideas. In light of this, she is pursuing studies in Film Production at Colorado Film School. Dannah seeks to promote good ideas through the medium of film to combat the detrimental ideas of modern culture. Her passion in this area has been fueled by The Chronicles of Narnia and Inception. Through her loves of acting and film production, Dannah desires to show people that Christianity is not an oppressive religion, but a loving relationship with the God of the Universe.