My Journey

Semester Leah Green“I just want to get out and go somewhere!” I said loudly, with a tinge of irritation. For months I had wanted to just ‘do something,’ ‘anything.’ Little did I know that this desire would lead to the mountains of Colorado. I felt unsettled and like I couldn’t clear my head or think. Problems surrounding me seemed to always raise their ugly head on a daily basis, to the point that I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. Nervous, easily agitated, and far from being at peace has characterized my mental state for quite a while. I bounced back and forth with ideas for escape, from visiting my aunt across the States for a couple weeks, to going to a Bible conference, to going to an actual Bible college. Nothing seemed to be working out until I heard of a three-month Christian basic worldview semester. This seemed to be the “cure-all” I had been seeking. I applied, I got accepted, and within about a month and a half from hearing about it, here I am. Sitting on my bed fighting tears.

Instead of being dissatisfied and restless, I am terrified, worn out, and sick to the core without my family…the very family that I thought it would be necessary to leave in order to ‘find myself’ outside of the familiar and comfortable. To find true satisfaction and be in complete reliance, surrender and submissiveness to God’s will for my life.” ~September 5, 2015

“Honey, time to wake up!” the very unwelcome words descended upon my worn out, rebellious ears at 3 am, Friday morning, September 4th. “Are you kidding me??” my subconscious was in complete denial. I was pretty sure I’d rather miss my flight than crawl out of my comfortable bed and get on a plane headed to a place that I’d never been, meeting people I didn’t know, completely alone.

My emotions volleyed between excited, nervous, terrified, expectant, and wondering as I climbed out of the large Summit van and rested my feet for the first time on the land of my home for the next three months. After the long flight and barely eating anything all day, I was famished. I walked into the lodge to be greeted by the comforting smell of homemade lasagna. I was ushered to a seat and began devouring the delightful substance. It took about three minutes for everything to sink in. I was about to take a bite when it struck me. I raised my eyes and looked around. The realizations came flooding through my mind faster than the rain pouring outside. I was states away from home. I was stuck here for three whole months. There was no way I could get out of this now. I put my fork down with the uneaten food. That is when it began. Homesick. I was terribly homesick.

I was desperate and miserable those first weeks of Semester. I wanted my family and the security of home to an almost unbearable degree. So, when did it change? What happened to make it so that I love it here and will be sad to leave? It began with the community of people. Everyone is different, different backgrounds, different states, and different personalities. But the unique commonality throughout this community is the fact that the central part of our lives is to serve God and get to know Him better.

One night I sat down in the middle of a debate about one of the subjects discussed in class. I felt as if I had a relatively good grasp on it and began to defend my view. Challenge upon challenge that I had not considered before were laid out for me to combat. The feeling of inadequacy and slight panic that I couldn’t answer some of the questions posed to me overtook my senses and made me uneasy. Did I really know why I believed what I was saying? How many other aspects of my faith could I not conclusively answer? The time wore on and I glanced up at the clock. “I’m gonna call it a night, guys.” I said in a slightly pensive way. I was subconsciously entertaining the idea that I didn’t have anything in common with the students that didn’t hold my view. I was sad and frustrated. As I was about to leave, one of my challengers stopped me. “Can we all pray before you go?” he said. I almost cried. My irritation melted away as the realization that agreeing on every theological subject was not the foundation for friendship or camaraderie. I was humbled as we all held hands and prayed for each other to be given wisdom and to know God better. This is friendship. That is the unity of Christ and what makes Summit so special.

Am I glad I came? Yes. Was it worth a few weeks of homesickness? Now that it’s over, yes. I thank God for leading me and keeping me in this place. It is somewhat of a utopia on earth. I praise God for all He has taught me. I have been challenged, humbled, expanded, and put to the test about things that I had never considered. I will be extremely sad to leave especially the people here, but am at the same time elated to go home and share my experiences and the things I have learned with my family. My hope is that God has used Summit Semester in my life as a launching pad to prepare me for the future. I will leave, Lord willing, clad in the spiritual armor necessary for living a life in honor of my Lord God and Savior.

Leah Green arrived at Summit Semester having already acquired her Landscape Design certificate from Alamance Community College. She is excited about the opportunity to be at Snow Wolf Lodge and see what God teaches her about her relationship with Him and about His Word. Leah is a native of North Carolina; she loves the arts, photography, singing, and drawing. Additionally, Leah enjoys gardening, cooking, and playing the piano. Ultimately, Leah is passionate about putting her worldview into action in the context of family in the future.