Matt Anderson: Engaging and Relatable

Semester Hannah HoodWhen signing up for which blog we were going to be responsible for writing, I didn’t know what I wanted to write about and there were only a few topics left, so I just put my name down next to one: “Matt Anderson”. Little did I know, by the end of his time here with us, I would be so excited to write about our time with Matt Anderson! On the first day of his class, he strolled in and suggested we rearrange the classroom and form a massive circle with the tables and chairs. “I’m gonna be somebody’s favorite!” he exclaimed. He was definitely well loved by all of us. From day one, he was able to bring both fun and laughter and foster a serious environment for challenging conversations, which made for a great class dynamic. He encouraged respectful conversation, where we answered our fellow classmates, not himself, the professor. We were all mentally engaged. Wide awake and focused. We were captivated.

We discussed lots of current, but controversial topics such as: tattoos, embryo research, piercings, homosexual relationships, pornography, abortion, plastic surgery, transgender surgery, pleasure, marriage and many more subjects. Because of these topics, many important questions were asked, by numerous students. Occasionally, the answer to one question answered a different question I didn’t know I had. Sometimes, the questions were sufficiently answered and that was that. Most times however, the responses our questions got brought about more questions. Matt Anderson skillfully guided the conversation we students would have, nonchalantly throwing in phrases like, “Well, sexual chastity isn’t just ‘not looking at porn or committing adultery’; it’s actively cultivating commitment with your spouse.” Such great insight.

One night we split up parts and read aloud Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. With the very dramatic Matt Anderson playing the part of Bottom the Weaver, Shakespeare has never been so funny! Anderson was just as much fun in the classroom as he was out of it. He ate with us, played basketball with us, and stayed up late many nights facilitating numerous awesome conversations. He had so much wisdom and advice to bestow upon us, and it was all in a very relatable way. He tackled questions like “What does God want me to do with my life?” and even made them seem answerable.

Being a younger man, I think he was more able to connect with us students. He almost felt like one of us at times…don’t believe me? How many other professors do you know who rock back in their chairs and in mid-sentence gasp, throw their hands up in the air to catch themselves from falling backwards because they leaned a little too far? That was Matt Anderson sometimes. The conversation was so good it almost knocked him out of his chair on multiple occasions! I loved every minute in class with Matt Anderson, and each conversation out of class is a treasure too.

I personally was blessed, and I’m sure each of my fellow classmates would agree that they were too. Matt, you’re awesome! Thank you for all you gave us. We were honored to have you here with us, and I hope you get to come back in future years and bless other Summit Semester students!

God bless,

Hannah Hood, hailing from Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, is a passionate worker and has lived out this passion by working for a number of years at His Thousand Hills Camp. She has also volunteered at nursing homes, and been involved in the worship team at her church. Hannah was appointed as the head youth worship leader because of her talents in piano, guitar, and violin. As a part of her service mentality, Hannah desires to work in teaching English as a second language and possibly using that to open doors for missions in foreign countries. After finishing her high school education while dual enrolled at Summit Semester, Hannah plans to pursue a degree in Foreign Language or International Missions. During her time this semester, Hannah hopes to grow in her study habits to better prepare herself for college and the work force.