Looking Back, Looking Forward

Summit Semester Jonah ToafaSummit Semester has truly been one of the best experiences of my entire life. I have been introduced to many topics in my life and I have conquered twice as much in class with Dr. Bauman just grilling people. Some topics we have reviewed that really caught my attention would be abortion and gay marriage. Having Dr. Bauman explain these topics has given me a fuller perspective on where our culture is headed, as well as how dangerous both practices can be. Even someone with a business mindset like me has learned so much in the fields of politics and economics! One thing that stuck out to me is that in order to become wealthy you first must serve someone else (with your creation, knowledge, or idea) in order to be served in return. This truly is the key to entrepreneurship and it applies the focus on servanthood found in Christianity. I’ve learned that there is so much that you do in life that applies to Christianity, whether it’s making money, running for president, living, or even working in the fields pulling weeds.

Speaking of pulling weeds, the work crew aspect is another activity that I will always hold to dearly. Through the work crew talks, we learned that work not only benefits the future, but is a glistening example of what Christ has done on Earth. We follow His example as we serve and love one another by lowering our reputation, even doing the work of slaves. One very cool thing about work is that your even apply it to your body. We are God’s ultimate masterpiece and He has given us a body that we should care for and love. We can apply the beautiful idea of stewardship in building a healthy lifestyle, as it shows your appreciation for His gift to you. These are just some of the MANY ideas that have stuck out to me.

One last thing that I will always remember and cherish for the rest of my life would be the friendships that I have made with the students here. I have never met more unique people who inspired me to just be myself and live in God’s name. Being the ignorant public school kid that I am, I thought I was going to be stuck with homeschoolers and private schoolers, which meant weird and immature, nerdy, goody good Christian people. However, I have learned not to be so quick to judge, as these people are truly genuine. In many ways, they are not even friends to me, but family to whom I will hold dearest in my heart. I have learned that it does not matter what people think, as long God thinks the world of you. That is truly what makes this group of students unique and I would be more than glad to spend a year with them. As the time ticks down, and I am one of the last blog posts, (because I was too lazy to sign up and do it in the beginning) we students have to understand that we were never supposed to stay here forever, this is merely the beginning of another chapter we are coming close to opening. Whether the next chapter is good or not, the pages of the book must be turned. If there is anything I would change in the past 3 months, it would be to give up my 8 hours of sleep everyday and spend every second getting closer to every single person here. It pains me to say that I haven’t gotten along with some people here. What I found out though, is that I was able to make amends and even find common ground in our past and personalities, through Christ. If this where to happen back home, I wouldn’t even acknowledge the person’s existence and simply just try to get even. This wasn’t the case here, and I am very thankful for it as I have made a very close friend in this process. On the that note I’d like to end this blog post by saying love God, laugh, and eat a lot. Thank you so much.

Jonah Toafa traveled from California to be a part of Summit Semester. Among other future areas of study, Jonah is especially interested in further studies in apologetics. This interest is fueled by Jonah’s desire to make a convincing case for Christianity in today’s culture. While at Summit Semester, Jonah looks forward to deepening his understanding of Christianity and in turn being able to help others deepen their understanding as well. During his free time, Jonah enjoys exercise, playing sports, and spending time with people.