Look at the Trees

It was 6:00 AM, and we all crowded into the vans to begin the long drive to Ouray and Telluride.

We were told it was going to be beautiful, but we had no idea how beautiful. As all van rides, this one was filled with conversations and laughter, at least at first. As the sun came up and we continued driving, we witnessed the most stunning views. The yellow aspens lined each side of the road. Words cannot describe the beauty we saw.

We stopped many times to take pictures, but pictures don’t do it justice. Many of us began tearing up as we realized that God created this beauty, and we get to worship him for it. God didn’t have to give us trees that change color, He didn’t have to give us beauty at all. It doesn’t make any sense why the King and Creator of the universe, who deserves all our worship, continues to bless us with the beauty of creation even though we constantly rebel and sin against Him.

Gazing at the beauty of the trees, the mountains, the sky, and the stars, we realize how valued we are to God. We don’t deserve to witness the majesty of God’s good creation and yet He delights to bless us with it. We had the opportunity to worship God through experiencing the incredible fall colors.

At Semester, we talk about worshiping God with our head, heart, and hands. By looking at the trees, we worshipped with our hearts. Worship involves a lot more than just singing on Sundays. We are learning how to have every part of our lives dedicated to worshiping our Father and then we get to put it into practice on our adventures. Jesus Christ gave up everything for us so that we could be with Him forever, how much more ought we to give Him our lives in continual worship. We have such an incredible opportunity here where we learn and can worship with our heads in class, we can worship with our hands when we work in the kitchen or by taking care of the lodge, and we can choose to worship with our heart when we have hard conversations with each other or when we witness God’s majestic creation that is all around us.

We can accomplish these things without choosing to worship our King, but when you dedicate your whole life to serving and loving Jesus everything you do becomes an act of worship. Many of us have grown tremendously in our wonder of creation over the past few months. “Look at the trees” has become popular and a beloved saying here at the lodge. We strive to appreciate the beauty of Creation a little bit more each day by reminding each other to stop and look at the trees.

By Emily Watts, Emily is eighteen years old and is from Loveland, Colorado. She enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and working at Chick-Fil-A. Emily is really excited for the lifelong friendships she will make during Semester, all the adventures she will go on, and especially for what the Lord is going to do and how much she will grow throughout the next three months.