Inaugurated Eschatology

Semester Micah Holmes“Hakuna mattata, it means no worries for the rest of your days.” While this Lion King worldview is rather compelling, it doesn’t withstand the fires of life’s furnace. In my experience, this world is usually a place full of evil and pain. If we really look at the world, outside of America, and even in America, we don’t have to look far to find a heart-broken child, or a person in pain. On a mission’s trip to India, I saw firsthand the brokenness of humanity. In America it is there, just covered up in materialism and fake happiness. This is where people turn to Hakuna Mattata, and try their very best to be happy. Still, logic and observation overrule effort, and we are left with a depressing view of the world. Christians can succumb to this perhaps even more than non-Christians, because we know pain and evil when we see it, and we know it shouldn’t be that way.

We need to keep in mind that God created the world, and said it was good. When he created humans, he said they were very good. 1 Timothy 4:4-5 says, “For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.” Timothy is talking about how some deceiving spirits will trick humans into thinking they should not marry, or not eat certain foods. This deceptive spirit tricks people into thinking life was not meant to be enjoyed. I have been a victim of this view, and I have long lamented the world’s evils, along with my own. I have a compassionate heart for suffering, but it is easily broken for the suffering of the world. While this can be a good thing to bring us closer to the comfort of God’s love, if we never leave that stage, life will be grey. We need to realize that God has a plan for the world, and that he will deliver justice. We can only survive carrying the world’s pain if we know that Jesus has died for all our sins, and has allowed us to live, laugh, and love out of his overflowing love for us.

Summit Semester has helped me realize this. I still mourn over evil and suffering, but I find joy in God. He has comforted me directly, as well as through the fellow people up here at Snow Wolf Lodge. The other students are great people, and I know that God will do a great work through them. The ladies and gentlemen up here are some of the best I have ever known, and probably will know. A lot of them have suffered, and experienced the worlds evils firsthand, but God has restored them into healthy, happy, children of God. We have laughed, lived, and danced together. I have never experienced this type of joy before. It originates from mourning, but as soon as I realize God has a plan, and ask for him to comfort me, he gives me joy and peace that surpasses understanding. As we enter these last few weeks together, I know I will miss everybody dearly, but I am so blessed to have been given the chance to know them.

Dustin taught us what Inaugurated Escatology means, and how it is a picture of what life is on Earth. It means “now, but not yet.” In other words, we can have a taste of heaven on Earth, but never the full picture until we pass through this life. I have gotten a taste of heaven up here from the fellow students, professors, and staff. At the beginning of Semester, I thought that I would enjoy the beauty of Colorado most, but now I realize that people are the most important things. They can mourn with me, comfort me, or make me laugh. God’s healing power is evident every time I hear someone, or myself, laugh. He has given us comfort and joy in the resurrection, and we can live joyful lives because of it. While the world is broken and can be evil, God is good, and he will make every wrong right. I am greatly blessed to be a part of God’s kingdom for good, along with all these other people here at the lodge. Summit Semester has helped me become a joyful person, a very important fruit of the spirit I have often missed.

So I don’t believe in Hakuna Mattata, but I believe in God and his great power and grace. We find our hope in him, and he shines through us to bring good on this Earth. I will always remember the fellow brothers and sisters in Christ I have had the pleasure to meet up here. I feel so unworthy and unqualified to be seen as among their ranks, but I will accept the gift. God is good, and he is at work in the world, perhaps especially at Snow Wolf Lodge. Philippians 2:1-18 describes very well what we are striving toward as a group in Summit Semester. We know the Truth, and we can help spread the good in the world if we let God work in and through us. I am immensely grateful to the fellow students for restoring my view of humanity, and for allowing me to experience true joy. I pray that I will be able to pass this joy along to others as I live out this view of already, but not yet.

Micah Holmes made his way down to Snow Wolf Lodge from Omaha, Nebraska. He is using his time at Summit Semester to finish out his senior year of high school while dual enrolled in college. Micah intends to study Physics and Engineering at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. After graduating from college, he is interested in either working in the science field or joining the armed forces and serving his country. Micah loves spending time in the outdoors, reading good books, and shooting weaponry. At Summit Semester, Micah is expecting God to grow him in his relationships in community, and hopes to sharpen his intellect.