Free to Laugh, Free to be Thyself

Semester Aubrey KlaassenThere are some places where you will just not hear laughter; you might hear something that resembles laughter, the polite haha, but not a real, genuine laugh. To find a place where people feel comfortable enough to let out their slightly ridiculous, yet fully theirs, laugh is one of the most magical things in the world. When people are free to laugh, they are free to be themselves.

At Summit Semester, the staff have some pretty unique laughs that are just as distinct as they are. I haven’t been in many places where people just laugh, all the time and sometimes about the smallest things. In the first week, I was amazed at the staff’s ease around thirty-two new faces and the laughter that soon erupted. Laughter is common place around our tables now, from staff and students alike.

I didn’t know that there were so many different kinds of laughs. As I listen to the people around me, I hear everything from the deep belly laugh to the short, almost snorting, laugh. With all the unique sounding laughs, I can identify many people by their laugh. As I get to know people better, I see how their laughs reflect who they are. It’s a beautiful insight into a person.

The laughter from students wouldn’t have come as quickly if the staff hadn’t laughed first. A genuine laugh from a person you just met tells you a lot about the people with whom you will be spending the next three months. It makes you comfortable around them and it sort of tells you that you are in for the time of your life. I am so grateful that the Semester staff is so willing to laugh, to be real with us. You can’t find that in many academic places.

The overflow of joy from these laughs allows for a realness that you don’t find many other places. Laughter is a strange and wonderful thing, and it is a privilege to hear someone’s true laugh.

Aubrey Klaassen comes to Summit Semester from the neighboring state of Kansas where she has earned her Associates of Science from Neosho County Community College. After her time at Snow Wolf Lodge, Aubrey plans to continue her collegiate pursuits by working towards a degree in Education. Specifically, she feels called to secondary education with an emphasis in English, which she hopes to apply to teaching English as a second language. Aubrey enjoys playing music with her violin and djembe. With her time at Summit Semester, she is hoping to work in areas of self-discipline, communication skills, and biblical knowledge.