Farvest Hall

Summit Semester Laura Ortiz 2016We just had one of the most wonderful days that I’ve had since I’ve been here. It was Farvest Hall! Let me first explain to you what Farvest Hall is: a few years back, Summit decided to have a celebration where the students could have a special day of fun and games while dressing up as different characters (like Halloween but without actually celebrating anything that had to do with that holiday). They named it Fall Harvest, but a student had a hard time pronouncing it so they changed it to the mispronunciation: Farvest Hall. We were provided with instructions about the theme and were split into teams a day before the celebration so we could prepare. I got the Yellow Team: Katelyn, Reed, Max, Jackson, Macie, and I. I could not have hoped for a better team.

The night before, I was so excited thinking about the fun activities that were planned by the staff and all the wonderful costumes that everyone would come up with that I took forever to fall asleep. When I woke up, I quickly got ready, took some yellow paint and headed down to the fire where we met for the first event…the 5K! It was not your typical race, as you had to go through a variety of obstacles on uneven terrain and it was quite rigorous. I started out strong, but the first obstacle (army crawl in the sand) was harder than I expected. The people who began running quickly switched from running to walking, struggling to breathe in the thin air. Unfortunately, I was part of that group. When we finally set our pace, some obstacle would throw us off and we would find ourselves out of breath again. Then we approached the final 1.7 miles. Hannah, Cara, and I decided to run it together even though we were from different teams. When we could finally see the finish line, Hannah sprinted and left Cara and myself behind. When Cara ran, I took a tiny pause, breathed in deep, and then sprinted to the fire-lined finish line. We placed fairly well for the girls in the race but the final results where as follows: Ryan (Black Team) came in first for the boys, then Jesse (Red Team), then came Lauren (Green Team) taking first place for the girls.

After the race we began pumpkin carving and flag making. We decided to paint our flag with a portrait of a pumpkin man and wrote the words “Carpe Diem” in reference to the movie Dead Poets Society, which we had watched last week. We then proceeded to lunch and ate soup and corn bread. After lunch, the scavenger hunt began. We were given a clue and a code and started going all around the property finding different stations and completing different tasks, like saving Kellan from a “bomb” by answering questions, or skeet shooting, where we each got four opportunities to hit a clay pigeon with a shotgun. The point of the scavenger hunt was to find Waldo (as in, Where’s Waldo?). After a few hours we finally did. We came in second place. Red Team came in first. After the scavenger hunt ended, we went and helped pick up the clay pigeons that we shattered earlier. We then proceeded to change and started getting ready for the main event…the costume party.

Cara, Hannah, and I decided to dress as Jake, Kody, and Jackson (three guy students). We started pinning our hair up and applying mascara to our face to resemble scruff. We wore clothes that resembled theirs, and practiced our catchphrases. After a few hours we were ready. Everyone who saw us before the party was freaked out by the resemblance we had to the guys. It was hilarious! We finally got to the dining hall…it was gorgeous. The staff had decorated the place wonderfully. They had set up lights and had very pretty arrangements. They also set up some games and a glorious buffet. The costumes people came up with were astonishing. Some were silly and really creative, while others were extremely intricate and accurate. One of my favorites, and the winner of the best costume, was Gandalf portrayed by Caleb. One of the funniest costumes was Ben and Kellan (some of the mentors) portrayed by Kody and Jake. We had a blast. To close the night they gave prizes to the winning team, the winners of the race, the winning costume, best group costume and a few mystery candy jars. After we finished with that we got to swing dance… it was the cherry on top. It was a great way to end one of the best days we have had here. I got to hang out with everyone and we all bonded while having healthy competition. It was awesome! Thanks to all the staff for making such a memorable day possible! We will all cherish these memories for the rest of our lives.

I’m thankful for Summit and for this community being part of my life. It has been a life changing experience getting to grow and mature with everyone.

Laura Ortiz, one of our two international students this year, joins us from Monterrey, Mexico. In high school, Laura was a member of the varsity basketball team, and also involved in track and field. Her true love, however, is snowboarding. She’s been boarding from the age of four, and hopes to work as an instructor this coming year. She is also passionate about animals, and loves their ability to genuinely and honestly connect with people. Enthusiastic about good people and good food, Laura is excited about the community aspect of Summit Semester, and plans to make friendships that will last a lifetime. After Summit, she plans to pursue a degree in Business and pursue more opportunities for travel.