Farvest Hall 2020

Farvest may have been one of the best events of Semester, or as Tripp would say, “The fourth greatest thing to ever happen to you.”

The students started off the morning down by the sports field, in the freezing cold eating breakfast by a fire, and waiting to begin the morning festivities. The first event of the morning was the 5K, and it might have the most memorable event of the day, besides the costume party.

Having never done a 5K, it taught me that persevering is fun and has great results in the end. Although I walked most of the time and jogged part-time, it still felt ever-so good to finish, with jogging right into the finish line. My first thought when hearing about the 5K was, “well, crud I am going to die.”

My second thought, after was, “Wow, that was fun, let’s do it again!”

Having friends walking and jogging alongside me sure helped me persevere when I wanted to stop and take a break. One of the things I have been taught and wrestled with all my life is persevering, and while I still have a lot to persevere on, the Farvest Hall annual 5K taught me a lot more about persevering.

Ending the day of Farvest Hall with a costume party was so much fun. Seeing how everyone thought out what they wanted to dress up as was the best part of the night–other than the food. Even though we have had many dance parties, the dance party we had during Farvest Hall might have been the best one yet. The day was full of amazing activities, and all though I keep saying it, persevering has the best results, and it is so fulfilling in the end.

So when you feel like quitting, keep going, I promise you’ll love the end result.

By Abby Ediger: Abby Ediger is from Kansas and will be beginning her freshman year of college. She is still unsure where but decided to come to Summit Semester to figure out her next steps. Abby has 5 siblings, not including herself. She enjoys creative writing, spending time with her friends and family, and enjoys playing volleyball for fun.  Abby is very excited to be at Semester and is also excited to see where God places her next.