Fantastic Family and Where to Find Them

Summit Semester Kody Daley 2016Before I came here to Summit Semester I was unsure of what to expect. I did not know what the classes were going to be like, how life happens at Snow Wolf lodge, or if I was going to get along with the people here. Now, close to one week away from heading home, as I reflect on my time here I can say confidently that every aspect of the semester has exceeded my expectations and has been a blessing and growing experience for me. I have learned much here at Semester including how to think critically, read well, and have more intelligent discussions with other people. Learning is not the only thing that I have done here; I have made some great friends and have had the chance to go hiking and hammock-ing in some of the most beautiful parts of Colorado as well as the Grand Canyon. Everything has been awesome and the community especially has been particularly wonderful. The students, the staff, and the faculty are truly a special group of people and it has been a joy to get to know them as well as I have. We have become more than just individuals that get along, we have become a family.

This past week has been the most busy and stressful week that we have had thus far. We have all been preparing for finals, editing papers, and finishing up with homework from earlier on in the semester. We have also had our last few class periods with Dr. Bauman this past week. He is a fantastic professor and has really challenged my beliefs and forced me to defend my views. Throughout the weeks of class with Dr. Bauman I definitely have noticed a difference in my reasoning processes, and I think that I have developed a more logical way of analyzing things that I know will be really helpful for me in the future. One thing specifically that Dr. Bauman has taught that has resonated with me is to focus on Jesus’s example when making choices on how I should live life, rather than my own speculations. Today was the last day of classes, which means that we had finals. We had three essay finals, one on Christianity and Politics, one on English Literature, and one on Church History. My favorite was the Politics final, we got to write about countering terrorism.

It has been really cool to see how peoples’ true character has come out while kicking into high gear (studying for finals and such), you really get to know someone when they are short tempered from stress, delirious from sleep deprivation, and way, way too hyped up on espresso. On a more serious note it really has been awesome to see the strength of character that has been shown by my fellow students during times of trial and anxiety, it has been a great encouragement to me to witness such maturity in my peers.

I really want to give huge a shout-out to the most dank staff ever in this blog post, especially the kitchen duo and small group leaders, Natasha, Brooke, CK, Lindsey, Ben, Max, and Kellan. They have all been fantastic influences on me and I have loved the conversations we have had and the relationships we have built. They all show wisdom beyond their years and inspire me to become a better Christ-like leader and to follow in their example and just be straight up awesome people. The faculty have also been a real blessing. Through work crews and mealtimes I have been able to get to know them better, and I thank God for that opportunity because of the blessing it has provided me. It has been a genuine comfort to know that there are adults here that I can be confident in talking to when I feel like I need a little bit of wisdom. I just want to say thank you to all the staff and faculty for being truly exceptional brothers and sisters in Christ to me and, I’m sure, to all the other students as well.

Well, only one more week left and I hope to make the best of it!

Kody Daley journeyed to Summit from Morganton, North Carolina. Although he attended Worldview Academy for four years, this is his first experience with Summit. From the first grade, Kody has trained in classical piano and developed a passion for playing and writing music. He feels God’s pleasure when he delights in the melodies and rhythms of music, and shares those loves with others. His other interests include sports, weight lifting, and hiking in the great outdoors. He’s looking forward to growing in academics and leadership at Semester in order to be better prepared for college. After Summit, he hopes to continue at the University of North Carolina Asheville to study Music Technology, Accounting, or Business.