Eric Smith and Reading the Bible Well

Summit Semester Nate Bublitz 2016When you see his upright walk, scruffy beard, and sharp spectacles, that’s when you know that Eric Smith walks into the building. We started off our first day at the outdoor classroom, but we were soon interrupted with the sounds of his children screaming as they were attacked by hoards of bees. What a great way to start the day! Those who know me know that I’m being sarcastic, and I really feel bad for the poor kids (although we could have integrated the sound of the screaming into an effective new fire alarm system).

Eric Smith jokes that he was the original Dustin Jizmejian, since Eric founded Summit Semester. His oldest child, who is ten years old, was only a few months old when Summit Semester first started up back in 2006. While Eric was here, we talked about the New Testament, seeing how that’s his field of expertise. Eric said that if we haven’t done so, we should rip out the New Testament title page from our Bibles and put it after the Gospels, after Jesus dies and resurrects from the grave. The reason being that the Old Covenant was still in place when Jesus was around, and Jesus was just emplacing the New Covenant as He lived.

I found it interesting that some books of the Bible, called the Apocrypha, are only in some translations. In class, we mainly went through what happened between Malachi and the New Testament. Did I mention he flew in by helicopter? Not really. Just making sure people who are reading this are paying attention. We also talked about how to read the Bible well. According to Eric, there are three major obstacles to reading the Bible well: laziness, wrong mindset, and sin.

In considering good Bible reading, is diligence a way to combat sin that tries to keep us from reading our Bible well? Another factor that inhibits good Bible reading is pride. We can be very prideful when we assume that we already know every part of the Bible but have not actually read it.

After a small break we started talking about Church History and learned about the time between King Solomon all the way to era of the Romans. In November, we talked about what happened after Christ went into Heaven, studying the books of Acts, Romans, and the letters of Paul. One of the questions in my notes stood out to me. Did Jesus live in the Old Covenant, laying out the New Covenant? Or did he just live in the New Covenant? What an interesting transition. To be honest, I believe Jesus was living in an Old Covenant world while living in the New Covenant way to show how one must act. These are the things I have been pondering.

Nate Bublitz drove to Snow Wolf Lodge from Los Alamos, New Mexico. In high school, Nate was involved in his school band and received the “Servant’s Heart” award in recognition of willingness to serve his fellow band mates. He is passionate about service and hopes to use it to influence his community and culture in whatever capacity God wills. In his free time, Nate enjoys strategy games, hiking, and eating. After Summit Semester, Nate intends to continue in general studies at the University of New Mexico at Los Alamos.