Colorado Sunrise

By Hayden Keller

Snow Wolf Lodge is eerie in the early morning.

When something that is usually so full of life and happening is silent and lifeless it is a little ominous. When all the lights are out and long before the sun even thinks about rising the only thing that gives light is the vending machine and the glowing of a few green exit signs. It is almost otherworldly the way things reflect this light, the tables set for breakfast (still hours away from being used), the reflections in the windows. Even the tile floor shines in its own way. You feel like you are in Oz or some other similarly green place.

Yet, when you put to light the small lamp in the corner of the room, sitting next to the fireplace the green fades, replaced by an easier, less harsh sort of light, its golden color making the sights around easier on early morning eyes.

Sit down with a cup coffee on the red couch beside the window and lamp and look out towards the East.

If you are early enough the near ridge will be black as ink, and the sky behind grows from a similar black into hues of a dark blue. As the ridgeline becomes more visible and the silhouettes of the trees atop it solidify, so do the details of the hills. Gradually you begin to see the foliage and brush covering its sides, and, if you know where to look, the Cross, standing tall and resolute with the sky as its backdrop. A reminder of the purpose of Snow Wolf and Summit Semester will begin to reveal itself through the darkness.

If you aren’t through the second cup of coffee by this time you must really be a morning person, or you are one of those people I was warned about growing up that doesn’t enjoy the nectar of roasted beans.

The sky brightens and changes just as the hillsides do.

With the greens and browns of tree and leaf come to the pale blues and oranges of an early sunrise, and you should know by this time that God is a Bronco’s fan!  Those colors will change to pinks and deeper oranges eventually, then to gold and yellow until finally, the sun begins to peak over the ridge, bathing your seat in its warmth. The wisps of clouds reflect the beauty that my words simply cannot describe well enough to bring the sight of a Colorado sunrise justice.

But if nothing else I can say this, many suns have risen and set again and we only get so many, they are best viewed from the red couch in the corner of Snow Wolf Lodge.