Canyoneering Adventure

The moment was finally here. The moment I had been waiting for since the day I learned we were doing this.

I was full of emotion, excitement, fear, contemplation, and determination; excitement to be doing an activity I was very comfortable doing, fear at the realization the one major mistake could end it all, contemplation as to how to overcome the obstacles I am now facing, and determination to make it through. I had never been specifically canyoneering before. However, I have been climbing since I was a child, and this was fairly similar.

Due to a lack of limitless space, I would like to give you a brief look into the canyoneering adventure we went on as a semester class. The first aspect I would like to talk about is repelling. Every time I repelled, I felt so free and adventurous, like I was exploring the ancient ruins of some civilization. There is something about knowing that you can take it at your own pace. Whether that is a breakneck pace, where you try to touch the walls you are repelling down as little as possible, or just trying to make sure you don’t hurt yourself on the way down. That control provides the feeling that it is just you and the canyon, and it is freeing.

In the same vein as that, repelling is just the start of the journey in the canyons. After you repel you have to stem through most of the canyon by using your whole body to constantly put pressure on the walls of the canyon so that you do not fall. In a lot of areas stemming was optional or even impossible, but the parts it was required were the most enjoyable part of the canyon. There were a few spots where it was impossible to walk on the ground because water had built up to the point where you could not just hop over it. It was this point where I was extremely excited, because up until this point if you fell, you would just say dang it and either try again or keep walking. My mind started to rev thinking, okay, how do I get through this section without getting wet. Being at the front of my group and being one of the more experienced people led me to be our trailblazer. When we got to a difficult section, I was usually the Guinea pig for the ideas we tried out. Once we made it through, the process would repeat.

This experience was amazing, and I would do it all again if I had the chance.

By Matthew Tomaszewski, Matthew is 20 years old. He likes to spend time with others whether by playing games, talking, or going places. He enjoys the world God has created and loves to explore it through climbing and bouldering. Ironically, Matthew is afraid of heights but that doesn’t stop him from exploring the world. He decided to attend Semester because he wanted to explore more of the world God created and the thoughts that are in it.