Blog on Work Crews

Work crews are one of the many ways Summit Semester creates space for students to grow in community with each other. We have work crews every Wednesday and Friday. We could end up on an indoor work crew where we clean the lodge or help cook dinner, staining the different buildings on Snow Wolf Lodge property, or working with wood in different ways. Roughly every month, we rotate work crew stations so everyone gets a chance to work different jobs. In the beginning, I was curious about what it meant and how it was going to work; as of today, it’s one of the greatest experiences at Semester.

Personally, I’ve fallen in love with work crews. My team and I have grown closer to each other thanks to the moments we’ve shared while working. The laughs, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the memories we’ve created together will be with me for a very long time. My first work crew was inside. We cleaned everything from tables and chairs to pool sticks and ping pong paddles. I also got to cook dinner three times, and I had a blast while doing it! Luckily for me, when the work crews were first introduced, the temperature was a bit warm still, so working outside was a little difficult. 

Next, I was stationed working with wood. I’ve learned to split wood, to use different machines involving the preparation of the wood to be used in different projects. My biggest accomplishment was making 620 small wooden squares. The wood-splitting is very therapeutic in terms of getting rid of stress! I’ve gone down to the woodworking station about three times during active time just to split some wood and think about life.

Work crews have been a huge blessing for me. It’s helped me grow in my teamwork, and it has shown me how blessings come in moments you don’t expect. Blessings upon blessings, I’m loving Summit Semester more and more every day. 

Nelson Oscar Paulino is from the Dominican Republic, and he recently graduated high school. He is super excited for the growth that awaits him in Summit Semester. After Summit Semester he plans on studying International Business in the Dominican Republic. Oscar loves music, helping others, and having conversations. He loves sports but especially basketball. If you’re looking for to have fun with someone or to have a deep talk with someone, then Oscar’s your guy!