A Day in Sante Fe

By Sonnet Daniels  (Colorado)

Our first adventure as a class occurred this Monday in the form of a day trip to Santa Fe.

A hodgepodge of cultures, Santa Fe was an alluring destination. However, more impactful than the experiences we had were the relationships we deepened.

We left the lodge around 9 am in four vans and drove for three hours. To pass the time, I found myself interacting with the people strapped in around me. We played games with the other vans by means of radios, played our childhood road trip games, and exchanged every riddle we knew. It amazes me, in retrospect, how laughing draws people together. We didn’t have a deep philosophical conversation, and yet by dint of dumb jokes, we developed deeper relationships.

On the way to Santa Fe, we briefly stopped at a natural rock amphitheater. Standing at its base, the whole class started singing Amazing Grace. I had climbed up its side and was able to hear the sound in all its resonance. The image of my peers praising God together, while immersed in the beauty of nature, will stay with me as an icon of true Christian community.

Shopping and Salsa in Santa Fe

Once in Santa Fe, we split up for the afternoon. Whether exploring local shops or enjoying Mexican food, the time was memorable for everyone. One activity most of us partook in was the purchasing of drug rugs. Since Baja hoodies are now a class trademark, we decided to buy one for our current faculty speaker, Mr. Kevin Bywater, since he was going to be celebrating his birthday the coming Thursday.

After several hours we re-converged for a salsa search contest. In 6 separate parties, we scoured the town for the best salsa and voted to determine the winner. Following a picnic dinner in the park, we returned to our respective vans and started home.

The Recap

When discussing the day with my classmates, what stood out to me was the common thread of community. They all mentioned how spending six hours in a van expedited the getting-to-know-each-other process. Some of them stated that touring the town without having access to media allowed them to be more present, whether interacting with classmates or unsuspecting strangers.

What stood out to me personally was the diverse nature of Santa Fe. There were people of all economic classes, cultures, and religions, and all were represented in the city’s art, architecture, and atmosphere. Holistically, exploring the city of Santa Fe was an amazing first adventure, specifically since it facilitated relationship growth.