2021 Work Crews

Hello! My name is Hannah Murphy, and I am from Washington D.C. I grew up having no idea what specific job I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to do everything. From astronaut to a philosopher, I was always curious about what would be the most fun.

When I was sixteen, I began looking into ministry as a career, and I was reminded of my father’s friend, Mr. Cloud. Mr. Cloud is a welder and a missionary. My dad met him during a disaster relief missions trip to my family’s hometown Cebu. Since hearing about him, I have pursued welding as a career. Even further than that, when I first welded, I had a sense of satisfaction I had never felt before. Since then, I have been fascinated with the practice and the science behind welding. I feel most myself when welding, in fact, I feel more alive.

Work crews have been my favorite days of the week while at Semester. The maintenance staff has encouraged me in my passion to build and create. They have helped me to make sense of the feeling of satisfaction when I complete projects. They have shown me creating is in itself an act of worship. I have had the opportunity to weld for hours at semester, not because it was required, but because Terry, Jillian, and Ben saw my passion and provided a space for me to express and practice it.

I have been so grateful for how the maintenance crew has discipled me and encouraged me to worship God and help provide for the needs of others with my skill. I am now working towards a welding certification so I can do disaster relief-focused missions internationally. I want to show Christ’s love for His Church by providing for the basic needs of others with my hands.

By Hannah Murphy, Hannah is 18 and is from Round Hill, Virginia. She is a competitive rock climber and a welder. Even though she misses her Australian shepherd dogs, she is excited to pursue God through her time at Snow Wolf Lodge. After Summit Semester, she plans to attend trade school for welding in hopes of participating in disaster relief projects around the globe.