Nate Eades

By: Nate Eades,  Iowa
When I was in 7th grade, I was at a workshop with a guy who’d studied apologetics for 50+ years, and my intellect and passion for God finally combined. Since then, I have strived to read every book, talk to every speaker, and learn about every topic I was able to. Attending Summit has been a dream of mine for years, and now, having done it, I see that it was indeed what I’d hoped for.
Summit isn’t scared of questions. During lectures, we heard on topics ranging from biblical inerrancy to politics to homosexuality. During the open forums, we were able to ask the speakers personalized questions based on their topics, and exploring witnessing with Mark Mittelburg was particularly interesting.
We often went on hikes – I’d never been on a mountain before, so my 8 mountain hikes were quite thrilling. While hiking, I was asked many questions by many students, ranging from “What does God do with those who never heard about him?” to “What are your thoughts on predestination?” and “Why are Christians so judgmental?”
I loved these questions, and as someone who has studied these topics for years now, being able to help others understand them more fully and encourage them to speak with speakers who really knew how to communicate the answers was exhilarating. Meeting a student who was an atheist with a confused worldview was particularly important because rather than debate him, I got to hear his story, walkthrough difficult questions with him, and show him care and encouragement. I continue to pray for this young man and know that Summit’s answers to his questions have enabled his intellect to move out of the way of his faith.
I didn’t learn anything new, per se, since I’ve been studying this for quite a while and had read most of the speakers’ books before coming. But the review of so much knowledge was helpful, and even more than that was the inspiration.
Mike Adams and I connected quite a bit, and at one point he even called me a 17-year-old version of himself, which was awesome! He pumped me up a ton to get involved in politics now that I’m 18.
My favorite inspiration, however, was Dr. Jeff Myers himself. His testimony showed unbreakable faith far beyond what I have and revealed a character and perseverance unmatched in most men I’ve met. His practical advice, applicable next steps, and broad yet helpful lessons have shaped my approach to many things recently. I’ve always been the student to not just talk about change, but actually act on it, and now I am even more intentional about doing so.
How can one sum up Summit? The beauty of the mountains, the wonder of connecting with students and speakers, the joy of learning such useful things, the power of leading people through difficult questions, the inspiration of hearing heart-breaking stories, and the passion for Christ that I experienced were, and continue to be, huge impacts on my life. Because of this trip, I feel far more equipped to engage and have more experience engaging the world with all its fallenness and tough questions. Definitely go if you’re thinking about it, even if you think you know a lot or even if you think lectures are boring–there’s something for everyone here, and trust me, it’ll change the way you see everything around you.