Farvest Hall Festivities 

by Makayla Lyons (Texas)

Farvest Hall: it’s the fourth greatest thing that could ever happen to you.

Or at least, that’s what the students at Summit Semester had been promised. When the morning of Farvest Hall finally arrived, we were split into 6 different teams and lined up at the sports field. Throughout the day, teams were working to earn points in hopes that their team would win an ice cream party. Our morning began with a 5k and obstacle course.


The students were off, beginning our run through the course. The sun hadn’t quite risen over the mountains, and the morning frost still covered the ground. Despite the competition, students took the time to encourage and motivate each other during the 5k. Rounding the final corner, we were faced with a burning log that we were meant to jump over to celebrate our victory in completing the 5k.

After a brief rest by the bonfire and some delicious scones, the teams regrouped as we got to work on our team flags and pumpkin carving. Team spirit was high as some teams came up with chants for their groups. Carved pumpkins began to resemble some familiar faces as the Red Beards carefully carved the face of their mascot, Alfonzo, into their pumpkin. The Purple Blasters meticulously painted the face of “Brutis the Clown” onto their flag. When the flags and pumpkin carving had been completed, teams were given stations for the rest of the afternoon. Face painting, donut eating, tower building, bobbing for apples, chopping wood – we did it all. Points were awarded at each station. At one station, teams faced off for a game of “Ultimate Pumpkin”. The rules were like that of Ultimate Frisbee, except the game was played with a pumpkin. Throughout the game, the pumpkin would be dropped and broken, and teams would continue playing with the largest piece. It was a unique experience, to say the least.

 Towards the evening, teams were assigned songs from “The Greatest Showman”. We were given a short amount of time to choreograph dances before we performed for other teams. Teams got creative, and the performances included a variety of acrobatics.

Throughout the day, teams had been told that one of the team mascots (represented by the Summit Semester staff members) was involved with a wicked scheme and was attempting to sell the lodge. After we discovered who it was, the guilty party would be pied in the face. In a courtroom-style debate, teams spoke in defense of their team mascot and accused the mascot of a different team. The students were very invested at this point, and some excellent (and loud) arguments were made. After the debate, teams filed outside eagerly anticipating the reveal. Conveniently, the guilty party wasn’t one of the staffers as we had expected. Instead, it was our very own students, Alekai. Cheers broke out as an unsuspecting Alekai had a pie smashed into his face. After months without cell service, it was the best entertainment we could have asked for.

The night was coming to a close, and a costume party began in the main lodge. The lodge was beautifully decorated by the staff, and the costumes were extremely creative – students and staff were dressed as everything from a younger version of our beloved maintenance supervisor, Terry, to members of the mafia. We enjoyed dinner, took group photos, and enjoyed some great music. The points were tallied, and we waited for the big reveal of the team that had won the ice cream party.

*At this point, I’d like to say that although I was on Black Team, this blog post will remain unbiased.

BLACK TEAM WAS VICTORIOUS! It’s an objective, proven truth that the Black Team was the best team. Although our team collectively ended the day with runner’s cough and too many donuts in our stomachs, I think it’s safe to say we all ended the day content with our team’s performance.

The night ended with a killer-pong tournament and “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. A combination of good conversations, good music, good food, and good friends equaled a great night. Farvest Hall certainly didn’t disappoint, and many of the students (myself included) will always remember it as the fourth-best thing that could ever happen to us.