Andi Franklin

By Andi Franklin, mother of six Summit alumni, AZ

I am so grateful to God for Summit. At the time it crossed our paths, my children were in a dark place. Living in a “party house,” all belief in God in them had been squelched.

I figured what would attract him the most, in his current state, were the activities, so I put more of an emphasis on them. When he called on the phone about the third day, I asked him what his favorite thing was, expecting him to say the activities, he paused to think. “The lectures,” he said, “definitely the lectures.” He came back a totally transformed young man, hauling 105 lbs of Summit books with him on the plane.

Josh went back years, taking various friends. It wasn’t until 2011 that four of his siblings were allowed to attend. Josh, now 21, loaded 2 brothers, 2 sisters, and one of their friends into his van and took off on a 44-day road trip. They started with acting in the reenactment of the 150th Battle of Manassas in Virginia and ending their trip with two weeks at Summit.

They picked me up at the airport on their way to Colorado. How grateful I am to God that He allowed me to be there to witness, in person, His faithfulness and goodness as all four plus their friend became believers.

What differences have you seen in your students since Summit?

God has given their lives purpose and meaning. Everything has changed. They are undeniably new creations.

Would you recommend Summit to other students?

Yes, and we do all the time. Whenever we come, we try to bring as many others as we have space for. One year, God provided a 2nd 15 passenger van just in time for SUmmit and we were able to bring 19 people.

Why should parents send their kids to Summit?

I don’t know of any other place like Summit. They bring in the best speakers in the country, who are experts in their fields, interesting, humorous, and great at engaging the students.

As a single mom, to research and gather up all the resources equal to what Summit teaches would be daunting, if not impossible.

There are a lot of young people who are here to learn, who bring good conversation, passion, and fellowship to Summit.

It is so important to know why you believe what you believe and this is a good place to figure that out.

I wish everyone young and old, Christian and non-christian could come to Summit. It is the perfect place to bring your questions and your doubts and to be strengthened in your faith.

Why did you bring your entire family to Summit this summer for two weeks?

We are here because Jeri and Jeremy are students here this year, for the first time. We are here to learn. These will probably be the most valuable two weeks of our year. We love Summit. It feels like home.