Tim Bettelli

Tim Bettilli, Summit MinistriesTim Bettelli joined Summit Ministries at the end of November 2021. Before coming to Summit Ministries he served as a major gift officer for Focus on the Family for almost six years. He is originally from Miami, Florida. Tim and his wife of 16 years, Louise, are the parents of four children, George, 14, Ethan, 11, Lexi, 9, and Isaiah, 4. Tim loves the coast, and gets back to the Florida beaches as often as he can. He enjoys surfing, snowboarding, and hiking in his free time. When he’s not traveling, he serves as a deacon at his church. He has a love for understanding and deepening his Christian worldview through books and podcasts. Louise, is an administrator at a local Christian school, and when she’s not doing that, she writes for a marriage ministry. Tim and Lou love to travel and explore new places together. Tim holds an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies and a Juris Doctor.

Donor Relationship Specialist