Molly Geiger

Molly Geiger grew up in Bismarck, ND. She moved to Colorado in 2016 and thoroughly enjoys it! Molly’s experiences and interest are as diverse as they are numerous… Whether it is butchering chickens on the family farm, working with orphans in Taiwan, volunteering as an EMT/FF or making wedding cakes, Molly has given herself quite the education through real life. She first attended Summit as a student in 2011, and then came on as summer staff later that year. She has worked as a kitchen supervisor, women’s staff director and now serves as summer program coordinator. Molly has a passion for serving and leading people (with unmatched amounts of energy and enthusiasm) and Summit is the perfect outlet for her to accomplish those goals. When Molly is not in the middle of running the CO program she is most likely reading a new book in a downtown coffee shop or traveling with her siblings!

CO Program Coordinator