Summit Lecture Series

John Stonestreet Responds to the Discussion on Same-Sex Marriage
In this short discussion from February 25, 2013, Summit’s John Stonestreet walks responds to the discussion of the previous night between Glenn Stanton and Jonathan Rauch on the issue of same-sex marriage. Recorded at Summit’s 2013 Adult Conference, Stonestreet handles questions from conference attendees about the discussion they watched the night before. To see the discussion between Stanton and Rauch, click here. To go to Summit’s Vimeo page to view shorter portions of the discussion, click here.

The Existence and Nature of God
As belief in the existence of God is consistently challenged by professors, classmates and others, Francis Beckwith offers a discourse on the self-existence of God. He discusses God's nature as all-powerful and all-knowing and the fact that He is a rational agent.