Summit Lecture Series

Physician Assisted Suicide
A paragon of health, you go to the doctor with unusual symptoms, only to be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Within six months, your health has deteriorated so quickly that you cannot even dress yourself. Is your life worth living anymore? Dr. Michael Buratovich of Spring Arbor University poses this question, asking whether one should be allowed access to physician-assisted suicide (PAS) in order to die peacefully and with dignity. In order to help students fully understand the issue, he explains the history of the concept, beginning with Jack Kevorkian, “Dr. Death? himself, and then recalls the history of suicide in many cultures and the early church’s response to it. After drawing on Scripture for a correct perspective of human life, he then reflects on modern societies that have embraced PAS and the effects it is continuing to have. Dr. Buratovich spends the rest of the time delineating the arguments for and against PAS, as well as a correct definition of “dignity.? He concludes by admonishing Christians to treat life with the same respect used in the Bible, to consider every effect PAS will have on a society that embraces it, and to look for ways to treat the root issues behind PAS.