The Understanding the Times Teaching Package includes the following: Teacher Manual, Student Manual, Textbook, and Teaching Videos (6 DVD-ROMs and 2 DVDs).

Note: In order to help bring the costs down and make this package affordable to home school families, we have encoded the video lectures in QuickTime format. These 6 discs are designed to play on a computer equipped with a DVD-ROM drive. They will not work in a regular DVD player.

Manuals and Textbook

High School Worldview and Apologetics Curriculum Teacher ManualTeacher Manual
This manual contains a one and two semester syllabi, day-to-day lesson plans, and classroom activities, as well as masters for assignments, papers, and unit tests, providing all the information needed to successfully teach worldviews in your school.


High School Worldview and Apologetics Curriculum Student WorkbookStudent Manual
The manual contains fill-in-the-blank notes for each video segment, supplemental readings, and “Fact Sheets” providing further resources on over 30 topics. This manual provides each student with a complete set of notes and outlines for various assignments, discussions, and test reviews.


Understanding the Times Worldview and Apologetics Curriculum TextbookStudent Textbook
This hardcover textbook (revised in 2006) systematically outlines the six major worlviews of our time: Christianity, Islam, Secular Humanism, Marxism, New Age, and Postmodernism — along ten academic disciplines — Theology, Philosophy, Ethics, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Law, Politics, Economics, and History.

Teaching Discs

Understanding the Times Supplemental CD-ROMSupplemental CD-ROM
The Supplemental CD-ROM includes unit tests, activity handouts, and grading sheets.


Understanding the Times Homeschool DVD-ROM 1DVD-ROM 1
Includes the following videos:

Introduction to Worldviews
Kevin Bywater lays out the foundation and importance of worldview thinking in our contemporary culture.

Understanding the Times
These documentary style videos systematically compare Christianity to other competing worldviews. Christian, Marxist, Humanist, and New Age adherents personally present the tenants of their respective worldviews.


Understanding the Times Homeschool DVD-ROM 2DVD-ROM 2
Includes the following videos:

Loving God with All Your Mind
Dr. J.P. Moreland diagnoses some of the leading problems with the prominent Christian view of the mind, as well as some effective solutions.

Ambassadors for Christ
Gregory Koukl challenges students to conduct themselves as worthy representatives of Christ, employing the characteristics of knowledge, wisdom, and character in a fallen world.

Existence and Nature of God
Dr. Francis Beckwith offers a discourse on the self-existence of God and all-powerful and all-knowing nature of God as well as some common arguments for his existence.


Understanding the Times Homeschool DVD-ROM 3DVD-ROM 3
Includes the following videos:

Marks of the Cults
Kevin Bywater describes his experience with growing up in the Mormon church and similarities between pseudo-Christian religions in general.

Understanding Postmodernism
John Stonestreet compares and contrasts reality, truth, and language from pre-modernist, modernist, postmodernist, and Christian perspectives.

Evil and Suffering
John Stonestreet reviews the problem of evil, various asnwers from differing worldviews, some bad Christian solutions, as well as some suggestions toward a Christian resolution.

Responding to Relativism
Dr. Francis Beckwith and Gregory Koukl address various forms of relativism, providing meaningful and detailed responses to each. They address such issues as values clarification, multiculturalism, political correctness, and same-sex marriages.


Understanding the Times Homeschool DVD-ROM 4DVD-ROM 4
Includes the following videos:

John Stonestreet addresses the issue of bio-technology, bio-ethics, and the question of personhood for today’s technological age.

Love, Sex, and Marriage
Dr. Jeff Myers considers the structure of the family from varying worldview perspectives and elaborates upon the Christian position as presented in Scripture.

John Stonestreet considers the worldview role that entertainment plays in culture and offers some suggestions for Christian engagement.


Understanding the Times Homeschool DVD-ROM 5DVD-ROM 5
Includes the following videos:

The Case against Abortion
Scott Klusendorf instructs students how to think about abortion and how to dissuade advocates of abortion.

Radical Environmentalism
Dr. Calvin Beisner helps students discern the difference between radical environmentalism and environmentalism from biblical perspective.

The Dangerous Samaritan
Dr. Michael Bauman one who knows the reality of poverty, reveals the dangers of welfare.

The Reliability of Scripture
Todd Cothran answers the questions, “Is the Bible really true? Can it be trusted?”

The Historical Jesus
Kevin Bywater discusses the issues of “biblical criticism” and the “quest for the real Jesus” as well as offers some good reasons for believing the historical data of the New Testament.


Understanding the Times Homeschool DVD-ROM 6DVD-ROM 6
Includes the following videos:

Worldview Witnessing
Kevin Bywater uses worldview analysis to demonstrate ways in which Christians can engage non-believers.

Secrets of the World Changers
Dr. Jeff Myers elaborates upon some of the common traits found among individuals who have influenced great change throughout Western civilization.


Icons of Evolution VideoIcons of Evolution DVD
Cold Water Media investigates a number of “icons” (or bad evidences) presented as support for theory of evolution.


Mysteries of Life's Origin VideoMysteries of Life’s Origin DVD
Illustra Media explores the subject of “irreducible complex” systems found within living organisms.