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August 04, 2011

Why Jesus is the Way

Why Jesus is the Way

Yesterday I claimed Christianity couldn’t be one of many ways to God because of its claims about Jesus. If you missed it, go to But that still leaves the question, if Christianity can’t be one of many ways, why think it’s actually the right way? Here’s three reasons:

First, the main testimony we have of Jesus is the Gospels, and they are historically very reliable. In fact, many scholars consider the New Testament to be the most reliable work of antiquity.

Second, there’s strong evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. More on that tomorrow, so tune in.

But most convincing to me, Christianity gets the human condition. Think about it. Lots of religions assume that humans are just animals, and live like it. Other religions claim humans are god, and have just forgotten. Christianity suggests we’re made in the image of God, but act like animals. That seems pretty accurate to me and shows we need redemption.

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